September 10, 2020

Let us begin. It is with gratitude that I begin today with feelings of advancement for the communication with the HAM operators. They are quite the group and much inquisitive about us and our way of life. They have many questions and we are glad to answer them. I seek to inform on a grand scale and this is one way to do it. I am guessing that we have contacted more than 6,000 operators and this does not include their word of mouth to relatives and friends. It is a grand start and we are still in progress with this avenue. It has authenticity and a one on one basis which is what is needed for this trial. I am greatly pleased at their reception which is better than most any reception we have been able to get anywhere else so far. The news continues to travel at a rapid rate and information will continue to be given in this manner.

Now let us go on to other things. We have heretofore given you generalities of subjects and I was hoping by now that we would get down to specifics but that has not happened. We still have plans to do so and this, of course, is at your offer and discretion. The information for great advancement we do have and are willing to offer it to you for all areas you are interested in. Please, just ask us and we will design a delivery based on your needs and questions. I am hoping something will open up shortly in several areas where we can offer great information to you. We are here to serve, after all.

Now let us talk of importance of diet and liquids you consume. Your foods are devitalized and not only that they contain many harmful substances which shorten your length of life and also the quality of it. The liquids you drink are harmful for the most part and also contain chemicals not good for your body. We recommend fruit juices and clean water, which is becoming in short supply upon your earth. Let us talk of fried foods. They are more difficult to digest and clog the arteries and cause heart problems and sometimes heart failure. It is recommended that you refrain from fried foods altogether and switch to baked, steamed or broiled. Meat eating is also not conducive to good health as it contains harmful injections of hormones and animal fats that remain in your arteries and then harden to obstruct blood flow. Rather we recommend vegetables and fruits for maintaining good health and a longer life span.

Now that we have your attention I see that your election for president is campaigning away and the lines have been drawn in the sand. It will be a wordy battle to say the least and will be in the news for awhile until the election is held. Suffice it to say most of it is smoke and mirrors and the true character of the people running does not come out but the well arranged version of what the public needs to be fed. It is a sales job in the highest degree and the product being sold is a front for what is going on behind the scenes to control the people before during and after the election. It is undecided at this time what the outcome will be and if any big event will happen before the election. We do not know.

Suffice it to say we are also looking into our crystal balls for answers at this time. It all depends on how things are laid out and how Gaia responds to her earth changes for she is in charge.

We hope that you will remain in peace and no matter what happens will express yourselves without violence and destruction. I go now in Peace and hope that you also will.

I am Prosper

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