September 11, 2020

Let us begin. It is now that we are seeing some hope for wold disclosure. This has been a long arduous endeavor and it is by no means over but we are closer than we have ever been before. It is with high hopes that we have chosen a method of communication that will work and has proven to be most successful with communicating one on one with the people of earth.

Never would I have thought when we began that we would have this much success with a grass roots trial but it has exploded into a deliverance of information that has astounded us at every turn. The individuals are creative and involved and most eager to hear from us and this is most encouraging for us to experience. It is by no means a done deal but the best reception we have ever had. It continues to expound and improve with each repeated contact. The questions are imaginative and show thought and intelligent mental acuity at every turn. We are amazed at the depth of their questions and endeavor to answer with truth and expedience. We are thankful.

Now onto other things. Let us discuss the disclosure for a minute and see where it takes us. Upon the education of enough people that this information travels to enough people that they become informed regardless of their government’s restrictions, then we can talk about visitation of our ships on a more closely involvement to the point of landing. That is a real possibility now with this background we are establishing. We have never before been this close and it is quite enjoyable to consider.

We plan for this but to see it in actual deployment is something else entirely for it is rather involved with pitfalls and failures. It must go well on the first try to establish a good and lasting bond with the people of earth. This is our goal and our focus when it happens. There are key cities that we will target and they will remain unspoken until the time of the event. It is foreseen that a dialogue in person is feasible and can happen upon your invitation and for this we await. There is a lot depending on the questions you ask after we land and the information you seek to know. This will guide us into more lengthy communication with you and we form our delivery upon your inquisitiveness and responses. We look forward to the challenge.

Now let us speak of aggression. We know there are factions of you that will quickly think of violence against us and we are prepared for that. We plan to wait until the event has taken place and most if not all of these violent thought forms will be removed or lessened to a large degree. The event is quite powerful in its capability to transform your outlook and heart in that it gives you a different approach from a loving point of view and encompasses you with the power of the Father’s love and light. This is trans formative to all it touches and no one is exempt from being touched by this when it happens. Why would you want to be excluded as this is the most powerful force of love and compassion you will encounter in a long while. It is a gift and thanks should be given for it. We certainly do.

Now the aftermath of contact and disclosure. At your behest we will work a plan of education on a face to face basis and let it take off from there. We are nearing that point and when the avenues of communication are open then you can start to receive the long term information to streamline your industry, health care and other areas, as you wish. It is by your invitation and we will oblige to give you what you need to improve your lives. There have been lots of promises made on our part and we will follow through with them. This is the time of proof is in the pudding, so to speak. See what we can do when given the chance. We are at your disposal.

Continue to pray for this influx of information in the way of answers to continue with the HAM radio operators for it is continuing to expound in exponential numbers at present. We hope for the best to a more personal conclusion.

Let us continue to communicate on whatever level is appropriate at the time and we will get further down the road to bringing about the new world for you to enjoy.

I go now and continue with our efforts in this matter. Go in peace for I will.

I am Prosper

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