September 13, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that we review all our contacts this morning and plan for a positive future. We have continued to reach out to all we can and have added many more to our list of people contacted. It is heartwarming at the positive response from a large number of these contacts. In the past our attempts were not nearly so successful. Our plans are solidifying now and the information we are giving them is laying a very sold groundwork for the future relationships. We are thinking that this basis for trust cannot be destroyed by anyone. We continue to enlarge our numbers and continue to answer their questions and they are very thoughtful questions giving us the knowledge that people are very intelligent where aliens are concerned. They know how to get to the relevant details and we are impressed.

Now it is with this information that we proceed and onto the next level of understanding on your part. This fact giving session brings us to another level and a higher understanding of a possible relationship between you and the aliens who are here to help at this time. We know there have been those aliens in the past that were not of the best intentions and what surprises us is that our contacts seem to know this also and are drawing the distinction between us and the ill intended. This is good. It is important that we are believed and that aggression is avoided when we attempt to approach on a much lower level with our craft. This is coming soon because of the work we re doing but mainly because of the mental attitude of the individuals we are contacting. We have highly underestimated their comprehension and their ability to weed out the wheat from the chaff. Probing questions you would not believe and we have had to put our thinking caps on high alert to answer some of their questions. This is challenging for us and also rewarding. We are delighted to do this very thing on your behalf but we are also surprised that we are learning about your societies in the process and the depth at which you cannot be fooled. Let us go for it!

We reach new heights in our achievements because of you. Our road ahead now looks much better and the plans continue for this grand disclosure, even though it started at a low level approach. The time line offers a much better choice of avenues to your education and we plan to take full advantage of them. Thank you for this.

We go now and continue to reach out with greetings to new listeners and with answers for older contacts. The questions just keep coming and we are so enlightened at the ingenuity of their thinking for they keep us on our toes at all times. So sorry we underestimated your ability to catch onto what the dark is doing for their hiding behind lies and deception is gone now and their real mission is out in the open for all to see and that is just what is happening. All are seeing the truth. The dark are no longer in control. How wonderful this is.

I go in peace now.

This is Prosper

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