September 14, 2020

Let us begin. It is with pride and joy that I address you this morning. Pride in the spirit of the people of the world and joy that this has gone so well regarding the reception that we have received. I congratulate you on your understanding of the reality of your plight and the concept of what we represent to you. As I have said before we are here to help in response to your prayers and wishes for a better life. We are connecting on a record level now with continued new contacts and we continue to converse with those already contacted and we answer their questions. It is continuing to be a challenge to answer your questions for they are far reaching in quite a few topics and I continue to be amazed at the depth of thought that has gone into them. My team is uplifted also that they can be involved in this monumental historical event of the contact with earth people and we are honored.

Now let us discuss attrition as it pertains to dropping out of the human race. So many of you have given up completely and dare not believe or have hope in a worthwhile future anymore. It is much easier on your emotions to do so and we understand that feeling. You are not so deeply disappointed but you are also not in joy or happiness at any time. Many of you are numb to most all emotions now because of what you have been through with many disappointments and cannot find the will or a way to climb out of this state of mind. We encourage you to feel again for the happiness and joy you seek is available, not somewhere on the outside of you, but within you as you connect with your Creator and with the Father of all beginnings. It is a healing process and certain events will help you with this process and once again you will feel the magic and joy of not only existing but thriving in the energies available to you, which are freely given. All you have to do is accept them and learn to take advantage of them. The mind tends to want to protect itself against further depression and disappointment and this is a somewhat natural response but can lead to nowhere in a hurry. Be courageous and learn to trust again in yourself and in your future, please.

On the other hand there are those thriving already in the new vibrations that have been given and are making grand headway in a positive direction on their path. We are overjoyed at the prospects we see for so many of you and your creative abilities are budding and ready to be used and we give you encouragement on this issue to begin to do this very thing. Our point of view gives us an overall picture but each of you is beginning to discover what opportunities are available and you are considering earnestly the potential that could occur for you. We are most delighted every time we see someone come out of their protective shell and attempt to create something new in their lives for themselves or their family that will improve the happiness and the quality of their lives. It is a small celebration when this happens and we do not pass up the opportunity to be pleased and overjoyed as this happens.

We go now and continue to lay the solid foundation for further and future information to be given to each of you on a much larger basis. We are uplifted and see our way clear now for much progress in this avenue.

I go in peace as I hope you will.

I am Prosper

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