September 15, 2020

Let us begin. Our team is on call now for lower altitude over your United States and around the world. We are going to be showing ourselves on a more numerous basis and also with larger ships. We love to be seen by large numbers as in crowds for this is the best validation that we are here. It has come to our attention that upon seeing us your witnesses are more knowledgeable of our existence since we have started the contact with the HAM radio operators and it is having that positive effect on the mass consciousness attitude. We are most happy about this aspect of our discussions and our answering sessions. We are making progress and this is the name of the game. We endeavor to continue on this avenue for improved results as we want a more overall understanding by the world as we continue. The quality of the foundation continues to be solid and this could not be better. Those who offer aggression are still out there but time will take care of most of that element of your society. They are numerous at present and now is not the time to show up on the ground for a face to face encounter.

We move on now to offers of friendship and there are also some present on your earth plane that would be most suitable for a face to face and would encourage it most heartedly. We are trying to cultivate this attitude and will work to become friends with everyone we encounter. Our first contact team is well educated and experienced with this scenario and have done this many times before. As we have said they will look like you and speak in your language with many answers for your questions. Our planning has opened new vistas of possibilities for us and this gives you more options for improvement and not only that but moves you ahead at a faster clip than was thought in the past. Our contacts are continuing to increase in numbers and we build daily on these with offers of help and answers to the many questions that are posed.

We consider the many time frames for this contact and will choose the most appropriate one when the time comes. It is advantageous to pick an appropriate time for this when considering your political atmosphere and this side of the equation has not been that good. Everyone is thinking of the position for a Presidential election vote and we want the light on us when contact happens. Our first visit has to be known to all and right now it would not be foremost in the mind of the people. We want to be on stage center front as it were. Maybe with a spotlight.

We move on to artificial holograms that were planned by your controllers to show that we are enemies and to be destroyed. This will not take place and you should not have to worry when our landings occur for they will be real and there will be no holograms for you to wonder about. We will be real and authentic. We will see to that. I’m not sure what other nefarious proceedings your negative people might have but they should be taken care of before they are implemented. Take care that you do not fall for any rhetoric of a negative nature that will surface and be used against you with lies and fabrications of harm and destruction for we are of peace and will always be. We have so much to look forward to it is amazing.

Now for delightful aspects of this first encounter. There will be those chosen to meet with us and I wish it could be each and every one of you but that just is not possible. Some of you will have to see us on your televisions and read of us in your publications. We will try to get around to all of your cities in time and you will lay eyes on us for yourselves to see that we are real and not some demon from the skies as in some of your history and legends. This will take time and do not expect instant aliens everywhere on earth. We usually do not do instant contact with everyone and it would be such a shock for your minds. It must be done with monitoring of your reactions and this will determine how fast or how slowly it will take place. We endeavor to get it right the first time.

We take our leave now and continue our work on contact as this is going well and we are most pleased.

I go in peace now and wish you would do the same.

I am Prosper

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