September 16, 2020

Let us begin. I am confident that we are coming to a conclusion of the old world where we as aliens are unknown. Too much information is out now and we cannot be hidden any longer even under the guise of lies and smoke screens of your government. WE ARE HERE and there is no doubt in a lot of peoples’ mind already and those numbers will rise now that we have our communications established. I am certain of it and this has never before been my mind set. We are establishing new rules for contact that are free to confront you and move into the part where we are readily seen in your skies. I am delighted at this step, even though it still has restrictions in place.

Let us get on with our lessons and we will talk today of the economy. It is set and in place and ready for dispersion to all of you. It will come gradually at first but make no mistake about it, it is there and it will be distributed. There is no time yet but I am thinking before the end of the year. That is a broad guess as I do not want to disappoint you any further than you already have been. Your patience is spread thin as it is. There will be abundant monies for you to live a much better quality of life and one that will give you the freedom to choose the work that you enjoy as compared to the work you had to do. Be at peace with it coming and use it wisely.

Now, let us speak of economic changes with reference to this new freedom of money that will be given. Industry will change and the money that is now going to oil and the like will be channeled into other avenues of energy. There is free energy in the universe and more than enough for every man, woman and child on earth. Develop it further than it already has been and get those little boxes installed on every home in the world. Free energy for all. There will be a cost for the manufacture and installation of the boxes but that should be all if it is done correctly. This will cut the cost of living considerably and this is not even considering the energy for your means of transportation. Just think of the goods by the trucking industry that will be freed up to give better service to you and get those needed goods to their destination.

Industry itself will use a good amount of this free energy to manufacture their products and this will give them more freedom to produce at a lower cost. It is a grand change you are upon and it is all for the good.

Now what will you do with more money and more time? It is up to you and there will be suggestions for service given to you. Please let child care come first in the list of needs. Your children need their parents to guide them into adulthood. Child care is paramount for the parents to consider in all this new frontier and there is much opportunity for either mother or father to remain free to do this parenting. See that it is so.

On that list of priorities will be your homeless and hungry. These are two big areas that have a huge need and these problems will take effort and much thought to solve. There is a large area of service that needs to be filled and lots of planning to get the homeless the needed housing that is required and to get the hungry the food that they need. You will be advised and guided in these two areas for sure. Our help in planning is freely given and even in your country large numbers suffer every day from these two issues.

Animal rights will come to the forefront also and control in numbers is one big issue here. There is much love in the hearts of many that will go toward the solving of this problem for many animals. There is not so much that the care and consideration does not exist but that the agreement on planning and carrying out of those plans is lacking. See that this is organized and your animals are loved and the numbers of them are controlled so that all are wanted and have good homes.

We continue with our communications and are still reaching out to new listeners with information but the word is getting around and now those who have not made contact with us are wanting that communication and it is good. We will continue to answer questions for those that have them and the foundation keeps getting stronger and stronger. This is more than adequate now for a continuance to further our friendship and this is such a good feeling for us and is hard to describe. We have never before been given this type of opportunity and we are in the planning stage of our next steps as this has come almost before we were ready with plans to carry out. It has been that much of a success. We had a goal but now need specifics and details on dispersal of what information to give next regarding disclosure 2.0.

I leave you now and go to make further preparations for the changing tide in your collective consciousness and this is the one where we become friends on a long lasting basis. We are elated.

Go in peace now.

I am Prosper

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