September 17, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that I contact you this morning. I am on my way to contemplate first contact, in person, with a group of others and that is first on the agenda. We will discuss the best place, time and circumstances to meet with you and see how that goes. I do mean face to face and we will have a discussion on this issue this morning. It is a first for us and we are encouraged by the reception you have given us from our conversations with you.

It is our wish that all goes well and there will be no aggression that will rear its ugly head. We come in peace and have always had your best interest in our minds concerning any issue we face. It is because of your pleas for advancement that we are here. We are ready to give you the information you need to advance in quite few areas and you will see industry and many areas advance by leaps and bounds. We are looking forward to this discourse of information being proposed for your use. It is our privilege to do so.

Now let us discuss protocol on this issue of first face to face contact. It was our hope that your government would allow this to happen within their purview but they have talked themselves out of this contact and that is their wish on the issue. So let them be exempt. We want to talk with you as individuals and leaders of your communities. We let you choose the issues and this helps us choose the information given. We are excited about this coming into reality. We need a neutral area for this to happen and one has to be chosen. We expect a smaller crowd at first but important none the less. Friendship is earned and we will show that we are worthy of it.

In instances like these where we have experience some type of security is needed. There are those who are more enthusiastic than others and want to touch us to make sure we are real. We assure you we are real and we will be seen and not a hologram. No trickery here for you deserve authenticity and honesty. We should have order and do not misconstrue our attempts to maintain order as an attempt to control you. You are free to ask questions and observe. We do not need to be touched to show you we are real. All things needed for this to flourish will come gradually and at a step at a time. We will see that we are validated in your eyes.

The proper time of day is important and also the news media that chooses to cover this story, if any should be available to come if they choose. We are hoping for this to be given as news far and wide. We know you want this from our conversations with you and we want this as news also. The day of the week is important and all this we will discuss this morning with the objective being the best of all these points for the most important message given in your current history. It has been a long time coming. We continue our dialogue over the radio waves for better understanding on both our parts and it is important that we learn from you also. So far we have gained enormous information about your societies and your attitude on several issues and this is quite beneficial for us to know these things. We can bring about a better comprehensive message to you with this information.

We go now to prepare for this all important meeting where we will choose the order of details to be given and the setting for this to happen. We have a lot to cover so please pray that we choose wisely for both our sakes. It is vastly important that this next step be according to the Father’s wishes on the matter. We are still under His direction and have been at all times.

Please go in peace and with hopeful hearts that we can do this soon. I go now.

I am Prosper

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