September 18, 2020

Let us begin. Our investigations reveal a good time for a face to face contact will be in October when more of a routine is established with school. The Presidential election will still be looming but that will not interfere. We look forward to choosing the cities that we will appear in and there will be several in you country and many more around the world. We continue to handle the communications well and are still answering questions for those who have them.

Coming up with answers for the complex questions is going well and the answers seem to satisfy them. We are still surprised at the thought that has gone into the many questions that are posed. Hopefully the base continues to be solid and we are building on that for the rest of our talks. Of all the contacts that we have made the most successful ones are with the HAM operators and this continues to be the case.

Now let us talk of operations and what goes on within the plans of your military. They are multi-faceted in their approach to defending your country and are in the process of being brought back home. The long range plan is for most all to be returned home. I continue to try and convince the heads of the military to retrieve all of them but I am not in charge of that decision and for the most part I am ignored. They will be needed at home for a couple of reasons and one is unrest with the citizens and the other is natural disasters.

Your tectonic plates are still under duress and pressure in the Eastern front is now a top priority around the Mississippi River valley. Do not let your guard down by thinking the West coast is the one to watch. Be prepared with your supplies, flashlights and such. It is coming and it may be a big one. We warn you to save your lives and to make this adjustment of earth easier on you, if that is possible. Not an easy thing to do when the affected area is so large, but we try none the less.

Now for the distancing for the Covid 19 to keep the numbers down. It is somewhat effective but this whole thing should be on its way out this month and more so the last part of this month. I would like to see it completely gone but there will still be a remnant of it fading out during the last week of September. We are doing all we can at present to get rid of the virus and our efforts have been good. Large groups do not help in your activities and especially the young people at the colleges and universities. The teachers are in a vulnerable spot and are somewhat captive in their teaching capacity but they are doing well at the time. The children need to be back in school for their well being and not trapped in their homes along with a parent. This is not working for the most part. The schooling is going well but the teaching at home is somewhat lacking in getting together with other children of the same age.

We choose to continue the connections with the contacts we have already made and to answer their questions when posed. They are surprised at our answers on some subjects but do not sever the contact. This is a good sign and there have been some who definitely do not agree with our answers. Some lively discussions have taken place and this is most heartening for us to hear of and it shows interest in further contact and discussion. It is a good sign.

I go now and will have more meetings today to continue plans for our face to face contact and also to decide what will be said in this momentous occasion. Go in peace as I will.

I am Prosper

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