September 19, 2020

Let us begin. It is our concern that a first contact be peaceful and there be no violence. We have waited a long time to establish a peaceful relationship with the people of earth so that we would be accepted for a face to face visit. It is nearing that point now and we have plans for this first contact to happen. It is all laid out for us to implement when the time is right. We now believe that this is entirely possible that we speak to you in close proximity in a peaceful manner and you will be interested in what we have to say.

There are many reasons you would listen. One is just the curiosity of seeing what we look like. Others want to hear our message and then there are those who already believe and want our help because they know we have been sent for that reason.

We do come with help and it is entirely up to you to accept that help. We will not force anything upon you except we will try to keep you from hurting us in this process. We are not sacrificing ourselves for this cause. It is only reasonable that we ask for peace.

Now that this is established we continue the discussions and answers with the people contacted and this is going quite well. A lively bunch, these radio receiver operators, and they are a thinking bunch also. An education in and of itself for just the past few weeks of our contact. One for the history books and a lesson manual for the future.

We continue to decide upon the cities for contact as this is a very important part of this plan. The mental mind set of the people who will receive us needs to be examined for the optimal success. Are they receptive or are they close minded. Will they give us the benefit of the doubt long enough to let us finish our first talk. These are some of the questions we are asking ourselves in this selection.

It has come to our attention that there are more people now that believe in us than ever before. It is growing and in no small part to the contacts that have been made recently. For decades we contacted those who wrote books and gave lectures and not much came from this, mainly because the listeners were already those who believed in us and we were making no new listeners. This plan and method has given us a way into each individual’s presence and also gave them control over how much they wanted to listen to us. Total freedom for them and this is how it needs to be. We are glad now in a way that your government did not want to let us have broadcast rights because this one on one contact has so efficiently laid a solid foundation that we never imagined but is so necessary for the rest of our contact information. We are so pleased.

Now on to other things. Our discussions on liberty and freedom have given you somewhat of a glimpse of what your life could be and there are no visual aids for this possibility to show you. It is a feeling and a way of life that we are offering to you and one that you need to reach out and accept. It takes work to re-work and re-plan laws and people to represent the masses and this is done with much thought and implementation. No time like the present that this be done. We have maps for you but you are in the driver’s seat and the speed at which you do this is entirely up to you. The first steps are necessary and your upcoming election is a good step. Choose wisely.

No reason that you cannot start on the improvements with your earth and that has already been confronted by some and has taken off. An example is your large bodies of water and the clean up developed and being used now to get this done. No more dumping your plastics into the oceans and expecting it to just go away. Where did this idea come from that you could do this and have it be ok? This needs to stop now. The marine life has suffered enough already.

Start in your other areas of clean up with earth and there are people and organizations now that can go into action on several issues. Air quality is another. Air pollution is so important for a healthy life and the biggest part is to stop the contributors to this low quality air you are breathing. This is for you to study and decide how to implement the counseling we will offer for your consideration. Be responsible for getting this done and start now. There is nothing holding you back for intense observation and resolution of plans to at least start to correct this problem.

We see much improvement in your attitude for relationships with other countries but there is still much room for improvement in this area. You must be able to converse and have agreements that you stand behind and do not go back on. Be responsible for your agreements and straight forward in your dealings with other countries. Do not agree unless you mean it and can back it up. Then go ahead and work out your differences. This is simple and you really do not need us to tell you this. You just need to do it.

We offer much help as stated before and there are no limits to which you can forge ahead in all areas of your lives. The sky is the limit as it were and we are here to help you. Be at peace with this process but get started and believe that it can be done.

I go in peace now and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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