September 20, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that I come to you this morning. We have successfully been able to contact enough people that we feel safe in scheduling a landing party and if all goes well we will implement the program to land more than one. Some will not land but will send people down to planned crowds and this will serve the same purpose. The ships will be as much of a draw as the people at first. I am thinking October for sure now as it is looking that solid. Several cities have been chosen and are on the list and there will be more as time goes on. Things are looking good from our point of view now. We are so used to things falling through that we are surprised when something like this goes on for more than two days. It is heart warming. We are living in real joy over this success and it is a good feeling.

Now for other things. Our surveillance tells us that you have forged ahead in your thinking and used your thoughts to ferret out the future you want, not only for yourselves but for your country and your world. This is good experience for you and brings about the results that you desire and fortunately most of you are definitely on the right track on this. It is good to see you taking the leap in thought and visualization to bring bout this new concept in creating your future. It does take time and practice but you have exceeded our expectation in most other areas and I have no doubt that you will do so in this area of creating your future also. Again, we are pleased and you should be proud of your accomplishments.

We confirm that things are going well from what we see. We know that it doesn’t seem that way from your point of view but it is so none the less. The vibrations of the entire collective consciousness is raising and continues to do so. This brings about more light to the planet and this also helps in your advancement down the path you have chosen. This is the purpose of this time in your history. One of regeneration and improvement in all of your areas of life. It is doable for you and you just need a little more time to get the real hang of it for a more creative process and then you will have it down. Please indulge yourselves in the thought that you do create your possibilities and your futures. Take the initiative and draw on the God given energy available to you and create the most magnificent futures you can imagine and I can imagine after what you have been through you definitely know what you do not want and therefore what you do want. I do not mean to give you the wrong impression that you need to concentrate on what you do not want for this is not the way. Moreover concentrate on what you do want and this is what you create.

Now for relief of debt. There are provisions in the new plans for the economy for some debt relief to take place. I am of the opinion that it should be in the housing area for sure and then in medical debt and then student loans. These are three big ones and this would give lots of relief that would not constrict your lives so much. You could bring into your lives other things if you were free of these areas. I advocate for this as a priority but it is not us to me and it remains to be seen if those in charge will go for my ideas. There are others also that think as I do on these issues and I am hoping they will carry the rest of them in that line of thinking. The plans for prosperity to come to you is still in the works but much further down the road that it was. Progress is being made in this area and we are on track with the transferring of funds to individuals through your banking facilities as they are in the best position to do this right now. For those who do not have a bank account other means of transfer will be used and probably in the form of a check in the mail, but I am not sure on this. You will receive relief in the form of monetary funds and that is for sure.

Now we are seeing progress being made in the area of personal relationships and I know this goes against all things you are seeing in the news right now but it is so. Individuals are working on their love and compassion for one another and it is registering on our monitors in big ways. You are more loving and kind in so many ways that is is contagious and it is being generated in large amounts in peoples’ hearts and spreading to other individuals from there. We are very happy about this and hope that it continues to spread this way to eventually encompass all others.

There will be those who will not accept any of the newer ways and will rebel against all suggestions because they in all honesty do not belong here and will have to leave the plans for higher paths to walk. Do not feel sorry for them as they will go to where they need to be for their own freedom to advance and learn in an atmosphere adapted to their opportunities to do this very thing. Places have been configured for them to learn their lessons in the most generous way possible and hopefully they will take advantage of their opportunities there. In all honesty it is a generous offer that has been given to them taking into consideration what all everyone has been through on your surface. It has been a real trial and everyone needs a little help along the way.

We see much advancement in the way of treating strangers you may not even talk to along the way during your days. You are sending out vibrations of love and light to those around you and before you would never have thought of doing this. It is a big step that you are venturing out into and this is one of the ways that all things on your planet are progressing in. It is very pleasing to know that you have made the connection to bettering things by giving of yourself in the ways of love and light to strangers and not only that but to situations that you perceive as difficult for others. A crying baby in a store and a stressed parent that you touch with your thoughts and energy is one example. There are many others. I could go on but you get the idea. This has been a good step and practice for many of you and it is certainly helpful in the broad scope of things.

We continue to answer questions for those that have them and maybe some day we will talk of the more complex questions and the answers we have given. I think it will be enlightening for all to read and consider. I am not saying you have to agree with everything we give in answer form but it will stir your brain cells and get you to think on complicated issues and develop your own ideas concerning some interesting ideas. We look forward to these days of face to face dialogue and have for some time. It is definitely a gift and blessing that is offered to both of us and we fully intend to partake of the offer to do this if you are agreeable to do so.

We take leave now and ask that you continue to be lighted, and loving people that are blessing your planet at this much needed time. Please go in peace and I most certainly will. You have left me uplifted in all things and I thank you.

I am Prosper

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