September 21, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that I contact you this morning. We here are ready for our face to face meeting in October and are laying out the procedure for the timing of the day for this to happen. We are all excited over this action and it is uppermost on our minds at this time. We favor morning to give you time to let it hit the news media but that is flexible. We would like as many people as possible to witness this occurrence but any size of group will do. It is necessary that you hear what is being said and we will take care of that part. Some meetings will have their craft land and some will not favoring a beaming down of the speaker. This is most likely because there will be no place for a craft to land without disturbing things.

We favor our most experienced speakers on this issue as they have done this many times before and are quite easy to listen to. There will be a short speech in the beginning and the crowd will be monitored by us to see if it is wise to continue. This will be done with all locations and will give us the information we need to also know what is on people’s minds in the way of questions and we go from there. It will be interesting to see how we are received in the flesh but let it be known that we walk among you already and you are not aware. We create peace, not upheaval. It is you who determine the atmosphere of these talks. We hope for success and a good reception.

Now onto other things. It is our way to try to get you to listen to us with an open mind. We do not demand agreement with our ideas but let it be known that we speak the truth in all things and tell you just how the world and universe works according to the laws of the Creator. We do not bend them nor do we change them in any way whatsoever. We will do this in all dealings with you on all subjects. We will also not soft pedal or spoon feed you on issues. It is time for the meat of the issues to be laid out before you and we will give you time to consider our words and let them settle in your minds before moving on. These ideas will be monitored in your minds according to how well they are accepted so we will know if we need to go over them again for clarification. We are here to teach and we are well practiced in doing so.

Now, the learning part will be at your own speed and this determines how fast we will proceed with the different topics. Some are critical and will be laid out first in our agenda. Others will come later but all are important in your forward progress with hearing the truth so as to get started on the right footing. We understand that what we will say will shock you in most cases and that will take time for you to understand and consider how this could be. You must have a good grounding in truth to continue into further information. We now get down to the details we have deleted before in our generalized talks to you. The time line goes on and now in your history is the time for revelation of truth on your history and who some people really are, or have been. We can no longer keep the difficult topics and truth from you so as not to scare you off. It must be done and we realize this will be difficult for you to take in. It is our directive from God to do this and we go forward at this right timing for this to happen. We will not hold back only to give you some time to recover and then we move ahead.

Our ships are continuing to move lower for better observation and our contacts continue to ask questions which we are answering. Things are going well and moving forward. There will come a day for both of us where you will welcome us on your soil and we will move among you being known as aliens from not of your world. It will happen when you are ready and we are planning for this time. In our experience it does not happen immediately but it will happen. You have not the understanding at this time to know how we can improve your lives and your opportunities for happiness. You will just have to see this and experience it for yourselves to get the real and true meaning of our visits and our words. It is a pleasure and a delight for us to do this and we certainly look forward to this happening because of all that has happened here on your planet. We move from the unconscionable to the Divine and that is the goal.

Let us look forward to this time and work together to achieve this state of affairs for you to experience first hand so that you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren that one day people came from other planets to help you and they are receiving the rewards of the improvements that you were able to implement because of the information that was given. We are gratified each time we are able to help any planet with information and yes, we have done this numerous times before. It is God driven for us to do so.

I leave you now and give you tremendous hope for your self improvement and that of you planet and her problems. Be at peace with this process for it will bring nothing but good things.

I am Prosper

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