September 22, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy and delight that I address you this morning. We come together to celebrate the beginning of a new relationship between those of us who have come to help you and teach you and those of you who wish to receive our help and words. Our mission continues to flow smoothly at this time and we anticipate another step in your education to improve your world. Our plans are continuing to solidify into a solid beginning of teaching and the time draws near.

Now, let us talk of other things. Our readings of your understanding tell us that we are on the right track with your progress and we begin there. One of our main concerns is your industry with production of products and the transporting of them to the final destinations for consumption by the people. We have information that will streamline this process and especially in the transportation area. Our procedures here that we use have many years of improvements for us and we gladly give this information to you for quicker transfer times. It is necessary that you train and learn many basic fundamentals of this process and training and re-training is our specialty. It will cut your transport time of products into less than half the time. New instruments of transport will need to be built and they will be. It is not an instant process to get to where you need to go but planning and implementation will go smoothly with our information.

In the areas of transportation we bring to you the free energy along with other techniques for your vehicles that will cut down on wind drag and wear and tear on your wheels and tires. These are areas that need much improvement as there is a lot of friction that can be eliminated on these with proper procedures that we will give you. It is sort of a fine tuning idea that is a short cut to smoother wear between parts. Our specialists will bear witness to this process and show you how this is done. They are good at what they do and have many years of experience in this field. It will amaze you and this will give you cause to give thanks for this information. It is what we do.

Our ships swing even lower now and should be seen by even more people according to our plan. We still concentrate them in large areas of people where they are viewed by more people than in the countryside. We are still not seeing or hearing of this information being given over the news and although disappointing it is not surprising to us that this is the case. There has to be a break through with this information at some point and we greatly look forward to this day and time when this happens. There has to be a saturation point where it is no longer avoidable, even to the news agencies and broadcast industry that it will come out and probably with reluctance that it will do so. We will still rejoice. Our time draws near for this big turn around to take place and we have never been this close before in your history.

Continue to pray as you have been for this to happen as your prayers are vibrations that have meaning and power and are capable of changing things even though you do not see this right now you will learn of this in your future. A force to be reckoned with as it were, else why would your Christ have often told you to pray. He continues to do so by the way if you contact Him and listen to his words. He is very much still the teacher and loves each of you as he did during his days upon earth.

Let us talk of his days there. He had so much to give and was followed by so few people. He attempted to spread His teachings to as many as possible and met with limited success even though he healed the sick and performed many examples of his abilities to do miraculous things. Impressive you would think but He was met with much opposition at the time and now looks forward to returning again to your soil and bringing the laws and words to you in a much more receptive atmosphere. His time will be spent somewhat as before in giving information to you but the topics will be in a more modern language and will contain things you need for your lives today. Custom designed so to speak for your challenges that slow you down and tax your resolve to overcome. He is quite capable of knowing what is needed and has great plans for the day he returns and is already here in Spirit that has been given to the people who will receive. The prophecy will be fulfilled as told long ago and his promise will be kept.

We go now and continue to further our cause of bringing you our help and means of improvement of life for you upon the earth. Go in peace to all of you who read these words and I will be going in peace also.

I am Prosper

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