September 23, 2020

Let us begin. It is now that we go ahead with our plans for first face to face contact and we are quit excited over this part of our involvement with you. It brings forward so many possibilities and avenues for you in your history and life will never be the same again. Imagine, aliens from other planets speaking with you. This is rather ridiculous for the fact that we have been speaking to you for decades now and this has all been kept secret. The many books that have been written and published with our words and it does not count the contacts that have been made where no book was written. The individuals were very reluctant to come forward with their story because of public opinion at the time. It is sad really that more progress has not been made in this area and the matter was pushed down the road for another time.

It is with high hopes that we can somehow make up for lost time on several issues and this all depends on your reception of us and how we are able to get through to you with our information, rather how it is believed or not believed. In some cases we will have to go over issues to explain them more fully. We understand that and are ready to do so. There will remain of course those who are against us coming or doing most anything with you and we will be seen as not a credible source and not only that we will be seen in opposition to the Bible teachings.

This brings about another subject near and dear to your heart and that is the sacred word of the Bible and how it was presented to you as complete truth. In the beginning of Christ the teachings were of truth and that is the information that was designed and prepared in the minds of the scribes to be written and delivered to you. It was a grand plan and would have worked in theory if it had not been altered by those who wanted control over you and chose to use the word of God to do that very thing. They wanted to keep you in fear of retribution from God if you did not follow their designs for your life and mainly involved keeping you ignorant of what the message really was that was taught in the beginning. A nefarious deed to be sure and one that has persisted to this day in their intention and it has worked for the most part quite effectively.

What is in the Bible is mostly truth but it is of no consequence if it is peppered with lies and distortions that negate the whole idea that was brought to you. What a disservice to you and this lasting record has turned you in quite the wrong direction by adding, changing and leaving out parts that should have been included in it works. Some books that remain are easily found today but were not included in the Bible at the time and they would be quite helpful. This will be cleared up and will probably lead to some believing that we are not of good character because we have the temerity to want to change things concerning the Bible itself. Yes, we do want to clear things up for you and that involves bringing forward the parts that need changing or eliminating altogether. It is necessary for this to be done and we will endeavor to do so in spite of any and all objections some might have.

Now let us talk of superlatives in language regarding the bright future that is before you. It is one of those things that you just have to experience for yourself. I give you an example of childbirth. You can talk about it all day but the real experience speaks volumes that mere words cannot convey. My heart rejoices over the possibilities for you and we long for the day you finally get to experience the peace, prosperity, not only of money but of riches of all other kinds, and just down right enjoyment of life itself. It is our desire to give you the information that you will need to have this happen. We give you the tools and watch you create your new world with all the bells and whistles. I sound like a car salesman. The point is that it is yours for the making and first you need to consider that this is so. Then take the initiative and go forward with creating this life for all of you on earth and bringing about the necessary changes for recovery of earth. A responsibility but in most ways it will be a joy to do so and we are here to help you whenever needed.

Now we progress and continue in the direction we are going as it is working out quite well for all. The questions are still coming and they are being answered. Even more contacts are being made and it is magnificent to see, not only the ones who believe in us but the skeptics that before would not even think of speaking with us to carrying on a conversation with us, even if to disagree or disapprove in concept. Glorious to behold.

We go now to continue planning with our contacts on the face to face agenda and we ask that you consider the good things that can come from this beginning. I go in peace now and hope that you will do the same.

I am Prosper

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