September 25, 2020

Let us begin. It is of concern that the earth is now in a flux of energies and this makes it difficult for all those who are sensitive and feel the tugs and influences of these energies. It gives all those cause to wonder what is going on and where the stable ground really is. At present there is no stable ground and the changing of the energies is a normal transition effect that may continue for some time. We are here to assist everyone during this change and part of the change is to drop or give up all that no longer aids or benefits the advancing dimension. It is quite difficult to describe where you will understand and for some is very difficult to endure.

Put forth an effort to clear up your past and get rid of all baggage that you are still hanging onto that no longer propels you forward but holds you back. This is a time for cleansing and this has to be done for a smoother transition into the new energies. There have been channelings on this subject for awhile now and it is an on going process during your journey on your path. Some energies need to be processed into just the learning experience and the vibrations changed to a more positive presence. Work on this and you will find your circumstances not quite so challenging during this time.

Now onto other things and we will talk of strategies to face the coming times. There are still some large changes coming and depending upon the time line you have focused upon and the future you have created for yourself the changes will vary greatly in some instances. Many will be removed to a more suitable location for them to carry out their created time lines of combative natures with confrontations and oppositions for that is the only way they know how to bring about change.

Others will face the new world with love and faith in an opportunity to create a future for not only themselves but for earth as well. You will not be placed into a situation or into circumstances that do not fit for this is of your deciding and creating and will be in the best interest of your soul learning. It has already been decided or is in the process of being decided. There is no need for killing or for war in a future full of light and love. These do not mix together and are not compatible with each other. There are laws of creation of your futures and it comes down to what you are thinking and doing in the now with your life and what mind set you have created for your possibilities. How do you form your thoughts and how far can you reach with your desire for a better life. It is not only possible to have a magnificent life but under the laws of creation it is quite necessary for you to understand how these laws work. They are always true and you can create with varying degrees of good and bad and it is all up to you. We endeavor to teach you how to use these laws for your best possible ways of creating a future that is more suited to your advancement.

Let us talk on bringing about the relationships in your life that you desire. So many of you have chosen partners that are not suitable for you whatsoever. This creates discord and hardship in any partnership whether it is in business or in a personal relationship situation. There needs to be a better means of selection for this life partnership for a fulfilling life where you compliment each other and this brings about a harmonious give and take for the advancement of the two souls involved. Here again you create your future in the choices you make of life partners and there are certain criteria you need to be aware of in order to make the better choices you need for this harmony to happen. We see so many struggling in their relationships not willing to give them up for fear of failure and also for beliefs concerning divorce and division after a church ceremony. Much teaching needs to be given on this subject and in a lot of cases the newer vibration coming in will bring to a head the circumstances where a decision has to be made because things are untenable with what you have now. It is forced upon you one way or another. Do not view this as a great negative thing for there are adjustments that are only compatible with the old energies that have been left behind and will not work anymore. It is part of that progress down your path.

Like adjustments will come in different areas and another one is location. You will find that you no longer feel good about where you live and are seeking a new location to move to. It may be upsetting to you but this is also part of the adjustments that are confronting you at this time and try not to be concerned that something is wrong. It is the universe placing you where you need to be for the best possible scenario and setting you up for where your best progress can occur. You may question if this is your best choice and we suggest that meditation is called for on a daily basis and connection with your Father and Mother God. Talk to them and remain with an open mind asking for your best and highest good to be revealed to you in all decisions. This will be your best source in all things of change and rely on this inner feeling when answers come and do not be afraid. Your answers are available to you and they will come regarding your choices. Many are given during the night time while you sleep and it takes awhile for them to move into the conscious awareness. Allow them to come and do not cut them off. Let them sink in and give them a chance. There is a process for this that varies from person to person and you will find your best avenue of receiving answers but first you have to seek and ask the questions. If ignored the lessons are harder in coming and eventually they will get your attention one way or another.

We now speak of ingenuity and letting the creative juices flow as it were. There are many new ideas waiting to descend upon the proper people to be implemented in all walks of life. They are Divine energies and need a home here on earth and the time is right for them to unfold into the hearts and minds of certain individuals who are in the right positions. Your future looks bright for many new inventions and improvements to come forth and this is part of your wonderful future that you have been praying for. Let these ideas find a home here and take them and develop them for all to benefit from. Share them with everyone in their final stage and don’t let greed or possession take over in the process like has happened in your past. So much has been lost and never given to the people because of greed and power seeking individuals thinking something would be lost to them. These ideas and improvements are for all to share for the betterment of mankind itself and the collective consciousness. Give thanks for the new ideas and let them grow and prosper in the natural way for all to enjoy and benefit from.

We conclude now with continued hope for outstanding communications with the people of earth and we can hardly wait to begin this new step in our path and yours. We still rejoice in our current communications with you no matter what form they may take and hope that you continue to give us your ear and will consider our words.

I go in peace now and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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