September 26, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning and talk of the plans ahead. The way continues to be cleared with the communication that is on going and the foundation continues to be based in trust, even if some out right refuse to accept our words. At least they give us a chance to speak to them and they don’t cut us off. We are pleased at those who do believe and continue to ask their questions and learn of us.

In any relationship there are some points that are not agreed upon and this does not mean the relationship cannot continue. It is with delight from all of us that we are able to continue our discussions and we look forward to a face to face contact. We would like to give an image along with our words for the people who hear us and this will help bring about another fact of reality for all to at least hear about. It is progressing nicely for both sides now and we are thankful for this opportunity which brings us closer than we have ever been in involving ourselves in giving of information to you.

Let us talk of intuition and how is has been squashed in your experience. Long ago you were much more able to perceive of events before they happened and it was second nature to you. Along the way it was removed from you mostly by gene alterations and then by mind control. A tragic thing to do and we were saddened at this when it happened. Now it can be returned and has been for the most part but you are unable to use it to the fullest extent having not practiced with it for so long. It is one of the senses that is returning to you and others will join in when you are aware of their existence and learn or should I say re-learn how to use them. A much fuller life for you than has been in a long time and you will be shocked at first to find out just how much was taken away from you. It is not our intent to make you sad over this loss but to help restore these abilities to you in full and teach you how to use them to complete what was God given in the first place. Enjoy the joy it will bring to you and have this as your goal in your desires for a better life upon earth.

Now we speak of being head strong and not giving in. This is a big issue and more so than you might think. Your government is one fine example on this issue but there are many individuals that have this quality and it keeps you from tuning into truth and answers that you might be asking for. Truth, when given, comes from different sources and a lot of the time from your angels, teachers or other unseen sources. The truth is freely given and is prompted for the most part from your questions in prayers or other avenues. Then it is readily ignored or refused. Believe when asking in your time of questions that when an answer comes it is God originated and given to you and at least do consider the answer before you flatly refuse to give it a chance. Get to know your sources on a first hand basis and develop a relationship with them and know or trust that they are serving in your best interest.

Now some of you go to that place during meditation and get your answers first hand from the source of knowledge and can discern if the source is credible and then the answers will be also. This is a perfect way to inquire with your questions and some of you have this down well and use it frequently. But, back to those who refuse to be helped with answers because for whatever reason they want to stick to what they erroneously believe in the first place. Be ready to at least review the options in answers given and consider how they are given to you. When you pray in earnest and are given answers do not be surprised that the answer is given for this is the intent of part of the process of your learning.

We consider the cities on our list of arrivals for contact and it is growing. A test group at first and if all goes well we will roll out the complete list for this face to face delivery of our words. A most ambitious plan to be sure and one that has had its inception for years and even decades upon our books. The plans have almost collected dust it has been that long because our efforts with your government were continued to be met with opposition. We refused to go away and kept coming back with proposals that might be accepted but to no avail. We have come this far over the years and seemed to make no headway other than with certain individuals that were contacted and some by accident in our sightings. Many of you have seen us in your skies but there is a big difference in thinking we exist somewhere in outer space and us landing on your ground and speaking to you. This is a big step in your minds and brings forth your vulnerabilities and some fear. We have tried to take it slowly but the years passing by have made this much more slowly than we ever anticipated. Our promise of the future now is bright with possibilities of friendships that will not be thwarted by any source and so we continue.

I leave you now to continue to plan and have meetings for this communication and education to happen as directed by God for it is with his love that he cares for you in all things and in all ways. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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