September 27, 2020

Let us begin. It is with utmost importance that I speak to you this morning on a subject at hand. We are studying the tectonic plates and the pressures upon them and are still looking in the East of the United States around the Mississippi Valley area. There is increasing pressure there and we expect that something will have to give soon to relieve the pressure imposed. We ask that you make arrangement for supplies and whatever will be needed in case of earthquake for your family and animals. It is imminent in nature and must follow the laws concerning pressures upon earth plates. Plan ahead and be prepared with food and especially water. It is most important that you do so.

Now, if we can, go onto other things. Our instruments give us a lot of information on the collective consciousness and we read that these numbers are climbing at a steady rate and the light coming into the earth and also being anchored at this time is more than has ever been. This is not something we have done but is of your own doing and we are most pleased at your efforts to bring this about. You have done well in this area and taken advantage of the light available to you and used it to its fullest to increase the elevations of vibrations for everyone to benefit from. Please keep this up as it has done so much to increase all areas of understanding the information we are giving while benefiting the earth itself and Gaia needs this light to benefit from also. You might not understand at this time what having more light does for your opportunities to grow at all levels but it opens so many doors for you and not only the ones that you can see and measure but benefits in all bodies here on earth and elsewhere also. It is a never ending spiral of improvement and possibilities that is affected. Do continue.

We also see that ideas and long held beliefs are being considered by many and the solid erroneous thoughts that were once unchangeable are now softening for consideration of other beliefs when they are given. This is why we wanted to get into the education long ago for the changing light and times opens so many doors for you in the way of making these new ideas possible in your belief systems. Let us just say the time is right for new ideas to take hold and for old ideas to be rooted out and changed. We dare not loose this opportunity to give of these new ideas for you and this is a focus of our things to do list and along with others and you need that foundation of things that will give you the correct start for all other information that we give to you. Our process is ongoing with our education and is not a definite length of time but will go on for quite a while. We are still learning and continue to be confronted by new information and ideas and it is part of the path that we are all on. We continue to learn.

Of all the things that are now up for consideration your deportment and manner in which you treat others is of great importance at this time. It is ready for change and the means and manner in which you solve your conflicts and differences of opinions is about to change if it has not already. Gone are the times of picking up a club to resolve conflict and war is off the table now. No longer will there be taking of life with the thought of death as the object of winning any differences. This has been a long time coming and there is much room for letting others have their ideas that go along with their history and beliefs. Just because someone else looks different in appearance and worships differently does not mean they are the enemy. Each nation is allowed to climb their path in the way they choose as long as it does not inflict harm on others. Let each one learn at their own rate of speed and in the manner they so choose as long as it is harmonious with earth and does not cause great conflict with other countries.

When there is conflict between countries there are ways to resolve these issues at tables in meetings instead of stockpiling weapons for future use and using these stockpiles for intimidation purposes. Let the meetings be scheduled and let the talks begin. Fighting over property and land is one big issue and eventually you will see that owning the most property does not mean you are smarter or more powerful. It just means you think you have laid claim to earth land that has been God given and not really ever purposed to be owned by anyone but given to be enjoyed by all who travel there. Territories need to be labeled for the benefit of being taken care of by someone and that is a responsibility of the governance of those who will choose to labor with the end result that this property be cared for to the pleasing of God from which it came. Think on these things and consider them for awhile before you ever once again think of going to war over land. Caring for anything God given is a privileged and is not taken lightly. Go back to the beginning of the creation and consider the gift that was given to you and the pleasure you will receive when this gift is used or enjoyed properly. Do no be greedy in your haste to own something and exert your power over anything. You will find that you cannot take any of it with you when you leave this life. Only the lessons learned and the deeds committed while here are recorded and go with you when you depart. Consider this carefully. Can’t we all just get along?

Now let us look at food supply and how it is grown. The farmers labor long and hard for little in return. Most farmers take pride in their products and are usually from generations of farmers providing food for the masses. Here is another area that needs much improvement and the sooner the better. We have information of treating the soil and land that will vastly improve the quality and some of your additives now are not suitable for the purpose it is being used. Open your minds to not only using different methods we will give you but to finding a better way to compensate the laborers of the fields who provide so much for everyone in the way of life giving food. It is at the top of the list also and should not be overlooked.

There are so many areas that need the spotlight put on them and many of you realize this but just don’t know how to go about improvement. The desire to improve is there and we are glad to see this in your thoughts and desires for service. Encourage these thoughts and include others to join you. We are delighted to see the way in which your thoughts are now going in many areas and will gladly aid you in their inception and implementation.

I leave you now in peace and hope that you also will go in peace for it is a better way.

I am Prosper

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