September 28, 2020

Let us begin. It is with doubt that I come to you regarding the condition of the East coast and a possible earthquake. I do not think it will be long before there is some movement and response to the pressures upon the plates involved. The pressure is too great at this time for there to be much of a delay in this event. There are those that know much more than I do about this area of plate movement and they are quite involved with their readings and observations. Their predictions are most accurate in the past and they are saying now that movement is imminent. I do not relay these words to scare you but to encourage you to prepare for what might come to your area. It is difficult to pin down exactly how far reaching the adjustments will be but there has to be relief from the pressures involved and quite soon.

The doubt is in the fact that I believe not much time will go by before something will give. Too much of our technology in this area is used to be unsure about these facts and our past observations and history on these issues gives us quite an accurate assessment of what is to come. Be prepared and do not let this time come upon you without proper food and water.

Now to other things. We have noticed that so many of you are ready for change for the better. You have been oppressed for so long now regarding the Covid-19 virus that you need to be set free from confinement and the wearing of masks. I am not talking about if there is still a need for this but just that you are fed up with both and now need to regain your activities that you once had before the virus issue. It is unfortunate that you had to be involved with the complexities of what has gone on but to be sure the issue of the virus was increased in importance when giving of information to the public. The debate will continue I am sure about being over done but the numbers were distorted in the beginning regarding who was included in the categories of death and ones who contracted the virus. We tend to believe that much harm has been done with the confinement and in retrospect more freedom may have been the better option. Fear of death is very strong but the news of Covid was used to control you to some degree and to make you manageable while also trying to keep it from spreading. It went from misunderstanding of numbers to outright lies on the part of some of the people in charge. What a disgrace to give false information to the public and keep them from the truth. A last attempt to get you to be under the will of a few and you are now in your final stages of taking this quietly and want your freedom. Please ask yourself why they would want you out of the way and what do they not want you to see because you have your mind on something else. Give it some thought, please.

We will speak of chemicals now in your atmosphere, in your soil, and in your food. You have wonderful chemists and they try to make the world a better place for the most part and not enough study has gone into the body’s response to the lingering chemicals in your skies and food. Unfortunately they collect in the body and mostly in the liver which is over burdened and cannot rid itself of these foreign chemicals that are seen as not needed. The liver is most times already overworked and cannot perform miracles and tries to do its job regardless of the increased pressures upon it. So many have fatty livers already and this needs to be addressed also when speaking of the many chemical processes the liver performs daily. It is most capable of millions of chemical reactions if healthy but it is hard to tell how taxed the liver is without taking it out and looking at it up close. Many of your tests are after the fact and intervention needs to be taken before it shows up on tests. Toxic livers are quite the norm now and they can be revived in most cases with proper foods and clean water. This is one area that we can help you with and will do so but for now give up your food additives and stick to fresh vegetables and fruits and clean water. This will go a long way to detoxifying your liver.

Now to the heart. This is a magnificent muscle to be sure and works tirelessly to keep the blood pumping throughout the body. Many is the time the arteries that feed it become clogged and the oxygen to feed the heart is not there or is greatly reduced. The arteries must be kept clean and this insures better oxygenation of the blood if the lungs are working properly. Everything in the body depends on the proper function of everything else. It is a must and was designed that way and your body must be brought back up to good functioning order. It will be an overall effort to see that this is done and diagnosis is important but if you will just start out eating better and avoiding a lot of the foods and drinks you are consuming now it would go a long way to returning you to the full functioning and correct functioning body that you were designed to use in the first place. Changing your ways may not be easy but it is most definitely necessary for a better life. Give it some thought and dedicate yourselves to being respectful of the body you have been given. We will go into more detail on this issue later.

We are coming upon October and are most excited about our contact in person and have most of the plans made as to when and where this will take place. Now we come to the telling of the meetings or the advertising so that you will know where they will take place. Do we want these first face to face meetings to be large or small. These will be test meetings at first and it will not be necessary for them to be that large in numbers but there will be a need for all to hear and see what is going on if they attend. There must be a reporting of events after the fact and hopefully the news media will pick these first hand observers to relate the events. Our plan is two fold in that it involves the education and teaching of the people and also the continuance of disclosure and validation of our existence and teachings of the past where we gave information of our existence. This must be validated. The pieces of the puzzle must fit together now and this is part of the overall picture. We are here and we are real and yes we can help and that is our mission. We fail not to give you truth and tell you what the motives were behind the lies that you have been told.

I leave you now and hope your desire to continue learning from us leads you to one of these meetings in the future where you will see for yourself that we are real and we are benevolent beings not of your earth. I go in peace now and hope that you do the same.

I am Prosper

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