September 30, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We here are in high mode and looking forward to October with our plans of face to face contact. Some will be landing and some will be beamed down as stated before. This is a big step for both of us and we are prepared with our messages to you for this historic event. Your government is not included in this and does not believe that we will follow through with our plans. They are the ones that have pulled out of every plan that we have made to come to you in the past, not us.

Our first talks will be short to test the waters but will give us a reading of how we are received and how you receive the messages and topics we speak on. It is the start to a good beginning and the time is most appropriate for this to happen.

Now onto other things. In our vernacular we top the list of things to do with interpersonal relationships with us. Our talk and manner must be seen as truthful and dependable. Your perception is most important but again we will not alter the truth, no matter how difficult it will be for you to accept. It is not allowed for us to do so when giving you information of any kind. The topics have been chosen in order of what we think is most important and what is of paramount importance for you to know. One will build upon the other for a better understanding of the subjects. First we come in peace and with clear objectives of education. Then we branch out to industry and groups of selected people in different fields such as children’s education, health care and so on. These are the selected groups that will have the liaisons that will go between the experts we have on different subject and the selected group we will be speaking to. This is a structured process but the talks are not one way but questions and answer sessions. The first face to face contacts are on talks and we will not be taking questions at this time.

Another factor in all this is the foundation we have laid so far and by the way this is still going on full force, and this continues to be solid and will serve a great purpose in all else we do with contact with you. This foundation must be of the right elements and the correct topics to give you the basis from which to establish the information in correct order. It builds upon the previous lessons and sessions. This has been studied and is programmed especially to each planet we serve. It is imperative that this be done correctly and in chronological order. We cannot take short cuts or go around certain details. It will take however long it will take to make sure you are getting the right information retained and understood. We are not fly by night educators and there is Divine wisdom in this part. We follow our directives.

The evolution of man is most interesting and would have been a grand plan had it not been for the intervention of devious involvement by the dark. Their intrusions into your lives on many occasions at first and then permanently toward the last has led you through many dark tunnels with no light at the end. We still shudder and are sad over these events in your attempt at growth and should not have been done. There is an accountability that has taken place and continues to process at this time. Anyone or group that transgresses against the Will of God has to face the consequences of such actions. There are those who are playing parts and all this will be explained to you in our education and it may be confusing now but the light of day will dawn upon this subject and you will understand all the puzzle pieces that fit together. Mostly we hope you will come to understand the purpose behind all the activities that have taken place. Some devious and dastardly in their inception and implementation for the purpose of control and power over everyone. You were to be used as labor and other things. Now is the time of reckoning for everyone and there is no escape from this. No one hides from this time of decision by the Laws of God. There is no such place to hide.

We are most pleased by your continued actions to bring more light to the people of earth and to Gaia herself. You are in this together and at this point cannot be separated in the ascension process until later. This was a request by Gaia and it has been honored and has worked well. We have been watching this togetherness part of the ascension path as this is not usually done this way. Individuals or small groups or in some cases geographical locations including the people will ascend together but not with the planet they are living upon. It is interesting to see this in actual time happening and not just on the planning table as a proposed option. It most definitely stems from the great love that Gaia has for her inhabitants and how she views them all as her children no matter how long they have been here or where they are from originally. At some point you will individuate from her and lead your own path wherever it will take you but for now and the immediate past you are together in this as she has wanted and it most certainly has worked out well.

You are also using your abilities to envision and create the future you want and this has gone even better than we had hoped. There is still a long way to go in this area with much restoration and work involved for earth but you did not hesitate to stick with it once you got the hang of it and now the frame work of your future here looks most inviting and glorious for all of you to experience. Please do keep this up and if possible do this every day. Those of you who are doing this will bring along the ones with you in this effort that are not practiced in this as yet. You are serving a great purpose and are uniting together in this effort with others doing the same thing and this gives more strength to your visions and efforts. It is most certainly one of the reasons you came here and you are fulfilling this promise that was made in the beginning. We salute you and do not take this lightly. It has been of great importance.

We conclude by telling you that there is still a small element of dark or dark followers that we have to contend with and they are most unruly at present. They are causing as much havoc as possible and we have given up our hopes that they will turn around and come to the light. It is ever so sad to see this happen as we thought for awhile that if it could be explained to them they would understand reason. It has not been the case. They will be judged and their fate now is of their own making. We ask that you also pray for them in their ignorance.

I go now to continue with plans for October and what it will bring. Please be in happiness and joy over this long time coming event for we most certainly are in joy over it. I go in peace and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

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