October 1, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this time for we are ready and waiting to face you for our first talk and the dates and times are decided. The first one will be in Philadelphia, PA around noon. This will give some the option of attending if they choose. We pick a Saturday and plan for the 17th of October. Another will be in Portland, Oregon on the same date and time. Locations will be posted later. If for some reasons these locations are not suitable we will most likely stick to the same time and date and just move the location to another place. This is our plan. Others will be added later.

So onto other topics. Our teams are still communicating with the HAM radio operators and are developing friendships that have continued with the question and answer format and we are still pleased at the questions being posed to us. Other radio operators have been contacted and these are new contacts and some are willing and some are not. They have that option. Some think we are deceivers and do not believe that we are from another place than earth. Let me interject here that there is not only the option of being from another planet or place but another dimension or vibration. We understand this is difficult for you to take in but it is possible for the dimensions to exist close together yet be separate. There has to be certain conditions that are met to communicate when this is the case and this makes it a bit more difficult.

Let us speak of bilateral frequencies which are used to merge two different frequencies of different dimensions. It is sort of a trick to get this done but this is used quite often when bridging the gap so to speak. It is not possible just to contact anyone and everyone when desired but takes special adaptations to have our thoughts or voice heard and understood. Plans have to be made in advance and conditions have to meet certain criteria for this to happen. We are not speaking of our face to face contact here which will be clearly visible to those close by. Sometimes conditions are wonderful for mental communication and sometimes they are not and it cannot be done. Quite technical at times and some instances cannot be forced.

We update our information to you when necessary and bring you conditions of certain indicated occurrences such as with the earthquake activity or tendencies existing. We still have our eyes on the East at present and continue to monitor our readings of pressure hidden there. The situation does not improve but is holding its own and the pressure is very readable on our instruments and these are quite accurate. Some of the readings are indicating change and others offer indications that the pressure is shifting or spreading out to surrounding locations. This is good and bad as it helps to reduce the pressure in one location but delivers it to other locations and therefore includes them in the critical watch areas. The shifting of these movements are not easy to follow and I leave this in the hand of those who do this all the time and defer to their understanding.

Let us continue. The market place where you shop is quite controlled as to price of goods and has been under the control of a few at the top for some time now. The manufacturers usually get short changed in the process by taxes and fees that eat up profits and leave little to expand their businesses. The large conglomerates which seem to be making money at a rapid rate are most certainly in a favorable position with the few at the top and you can be sure there is a price to be paid even for this progress, if it is real. There are many ways to control an individual, a business, a corporation and a country. Some are subtle and some are not. The areas of freedom are practically non existent in business and this trickles down to the small stores who find it difficult to compete now with the large ones. This will change and individuality will come back into the smaller businesses and they will thrive again with their contributions of inventiveness and artistry. The energy present and available for new ideas will flourish and new products and processes will be given a freedom not known until now.

Often in a planet’s deliverance into freedom there will be a rebound affect where we see an abundance of energy in new ideas and products that flood the market. We hope that is the case with earth and look forward to helping you bring this about. It is our desire to give you all the help you require and ask for in any area you desire. There are lots of new possible ideas just waiting to come forward and this can be done.

I go now and leave you with the locations and timing of our meetings on your mind. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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