October 2, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning and relate that our plans are filling out fully and everything looks good. There are concerns that giving out the time, dates and locations of the contacts may give opportunity for some devious actions but this has not happened yet and we keep a watch on this activity, if any. We continue to look forward to these meetings and may add more to the list. We are not looking for any problems at this time.

Now onto other things. We seek a lot of time to be with you and our education involvement will take up a lot of time and there will need to be a recording of information to have it posted on your internet and in your records for viewing any time you get a chance to see it or review it. We want these talks to be available to everyone at all times for reference. This is part of the conditions that we require for this to work. You have to take in the information as fast or as slow as you wish and this will help in that need. It is of importance that we have an understanding in your mind of the material given so that we can build upon the previous facts given.

Now for talk on politics. What a mess! There are certain indications that things will change in this front and regarding your next President events will be chosen according to which time line you have given most energy to and which time line you choose to be your reality. There are other possibilities involved such as the contact from aliens which is a key puzzle piece in this play or drama unfolding at this time. There are many factors involved at present that we hardly can chart anything for you and so much is still unknown at this time. A most curious future you have in front of you and we are at a loss to see a clear future for you. It is like “tune in tomorrow to see what happens”. We are not trying to make light of your political system but it remains true that events are in flux and this is not even considering the energies which are fluctuating at this time. All I can suggest is that you continue to pray for the will of God to be infused into this event and leave the conclusion up to Him. How he will bring about His desires and conclusions is yet unseen by us. We continue to be amazed at our Father’s ways to bring about what he desires and for some time now we are told that His will is being carried out upon earth according to His will and on that we can be sure. As to the details we do not know until they happen. We are like you in that we watch. Maybe not reassuring but amazing none the less.

Of all things to have to consider we now speak of the weather. This Fall is forming up to hold some surprises still on the horizon for you and it may be that an erratic weather pattern is in front of you like the summer pattern has been. There are signs that point to this and with everything else that you now have to consider with the virus, school for your children and going back to work you now have the weather to contend with. These are turbulent times and it seems to be a package deal that you are being led through. This is all part of the doing away with the old to bring about the new and cannot be avoided.

The energy is what it is and follows its own rules and laws and there has to be a releasing of the old energy that is no longer needed or is no longer of service to anyone. In that releasing of old energy is the tumultuous actions which cause you to be concerned and in some cases unprepared. Again in some instances of the weather we are not privy to what will happen but wait and watch as you do to see how things will unfold in the weather patterns. In some cases it is the lack of patterns that confront us. I say it will keep the weather men on their toes to keep up with the activities of the rest of the year.

We interest you in dedicating more of your time to meditation or at least quiet time. This is your most valuable time spent in preparing for everything that is coming up. A deeper communication with not only self but search for answers to your questions and a connection with God, whatever you envision Him to be. Do not underestimate this time spent for it is most valuable to you and gives much in return in all areas of your life. One of the most important things is security in trying times which you are going through now.

I close and go about my continued meetings and get reports on how things are looking. We continue to be proud of your efforts in most all areas and encourage you to continue with the visions and prayers concerning the preferred future for earth that you would like to develop and work toward. I go in peace and hope that you would do also.

I am Prosper

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