October 3, 2020

Let us begin. It is with pleasure that I begin speaking to you and you can rest assured that all of us are looking forward to our meeting this month. Plans have been made and the atmosphere is still non aggressive up to this point. Your circumstances there have changed with your President and first Lady testing positive with Covid but they are receiving the best care available and we are helping also as much as possible. We are quite hopeful for a full recovery with no complications.

Our readings tell us that progress is still being made with more light coming in and this is good but there is still much conflict to deal with until all negative vibrations have worked themselves out for good. Those who feel these negative vibrations are acting out in various ways and most of them are not good. There is still a feeling of protest and that their point has not been accepted or has not been as effective as they would like. Violence is not the way for them but they are still rooted in the negative aspects of change and know no other way to deal with the changes coming about. This is a really difficult time for some and their heads are so full of many different emotions that it is very disconcerting for them to deal with. I suggest meditation and quiet time but this would most likely not be heard and certainly not be understood as a means of solution for them.

Meditation is always an answer to most problems because it bring you in alignment with the source of all life and meanings and gives you the best possible atmosphere of answering all your questions. It is hard to get much better than connectedness with your source or with Father and Mother God. A calming of the mind and a focus on and into a place of light and love that first soothes the soul and sets the basis and platform for change from disturbed or dis ease to a wholeness and acceptance of love that is available to everyone. This love is always readily available for acceptance in all instances and you just have to place yourself in a position of recognition and acceptance. When I say recognition I do not mean the source needs to recognize you but that you need to recognize that you can accept this love that is freely given. There are those who feel they are not worthy and are refusing to accept this love because of teachings or of past deeds committed that they have not forgiven themselves for. That is the beautiful thing about love, it is for everyone. It is the constant ingredient of all that is and there could be no creation without it. Do not exclude yourself from it and visit this thought often and as often as it takes for you to understand that it is yours and not only that but you can share it with those around you at any moment. It is meant to be shared.

Now for time. We here have a much different concept of time than you do. All your life you have lived with one concept of time and that is by the clock or time piece. I often wonder how many of these time pieces have been sold, used, worn out and replaced. So many different versions of a time recording device. It is necessary in the world you live in and a good hook for you to measure events. We do not necessarily avoid time or do away with it but view it differently. We measure things by events and by progress and not specifically time. It makes a big difference but the big complication is that when we are dealing with you concerning time there is a big wall that has to be understood before we can come to agreements on anything to do with time. Often when we give our meaning of a timed event it is seen as one way by us and another way by you and this has caused problems on many occasions. Time for us is mostly when the different levels or marks of advancement have been achieved then the vibrations will be conducive to certain events and not before. You, on the other hand want the date and time that something will happen and it doesn’t work this way. This has been one of our biggest problems in the past in revealing to you when something will happen. We see it as an achievement of accomplishment and you see it as a clock whose alarm has sounded.

Think of it as water flowing down a river. It would be hard to point to a drop and say that is the time of a certain event when that drop is part of a much larger stream or river. It is the flow of things that determines the happening of an event and not a point out of your time. If you could have understood this from the beginning it would have been a smoother understanding for us both. There are certain areas where we must keep up with your timing and we are aware of your time but our lives are much different where time is concerned.

We are understanding that you are concerned about the departure of Covid and we have done much to do away with this virus for you. There is a lot being done to keep it going and to squeeze the last bit of fear and compliance out of the created event as possible. We do not like that it has been kept alive and that the lies have not been revealed to everyone for the evidence is now coming out about the dates of the chemicals used for inoculations against this virus being created and sold to different countries even before the virus was supposed to have existed. It has been documented and is free for those to see. This whole thing was planned long ago and the concept was developed by several people to be used in conjunction with other means of controlling you and for the most part was successful in some respects. Fortunately the truth has come out about most of it and needs to be seen by all. There is caution to be used with any communicable disease but better yet the body needs to be fed properly to use the abilities it was designed to use in the mind of the Creator for your existence. A most magnificent creation, the body and its ability to fight off these viruses could be brought to its heartiest abilities if certain rules were followed concerning food, drink and rest along with fresh air and sunshine. We had hope that the virus would be on the way out by now but there are those who work against us and are using all their forces to keep it going at all costs. We continue to do our part to diminish this contrived illness against you.

Our forces here are focused on your well being in all areas and we see you gaining ground and advancing in your area of learning and expanding your knowledge of how your freedom will come about and how you can free yourselves from the tyranny that has had you stifled so completely in the past. We see you liberating yourselves in a most acceptable manner and most of you with no thought of violence. Your determination is commendable and we encourage you to continue in these efforts. Your are fed up and have had enough.

I leave you now and go in peace and I hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

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