October 4, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I speak to you this morning. We have confirmation that all is going as scheduled and things are in line, which gives us a good feeling. Our readings indicate that more and more of you are opening up to the energies that are being given now and especially to the down loads that are coming in for you. The codes may be a little difficult to explain but involve what you would call numbers but they contain much more than just numbers. They are a language all their own and involve plans and structures for more change and these plans are associated with certain numbers and that is how they are categorized and that is how we know which codes to give to you at a certain time. A coded message for change into what you need next is a simplified way to describe it.

Now these codes are only given when you are ready for the next step and can cover a wide variety of areas. They can be personal, political, sort of structural for your surroundings and environmental. They are the language of your universe and don’t change. They are building blocks of a sort and are imbued into all things that have been created and can be used with all things created. Sort of like an instruction booklet of what is and what needs to evolve. Going into a different vibration, let us give you the codes for that so you will know which program plan to follow. Now, some of you refuse to accept these codes and some of you do not refuse but cannot accept the codes for various reasons. There will come a time when you will and that is ok. Those of you who accept them into your consciousness have them when they are needed to build according to plan and that means to what is needed. It is simple yet very complicated when trying to explain it.

Let us talk of politics again. You are in a sort of tribal warfare at present. I will associate tribes with your two party system and say that almost everything is being allowed. I am against the two party system in the first place and see that it serves only one purpose and that is controversy and rejection. Why must you stick to this when it is clear that it does not work. Must you be labeled to continue? Why can’t you all be aligned with the people you serve and their needs? Is it not more progressive to speak on differences in a calm manner with meetings on such and work out your agendas on platforms of courage and change where the needs of your country are acknowledged and worked out for the benefit of all people involved. What you are doing now solves nothing and throws you back into earlier times when you did not know better. You have advanced beyond what you are doing now and have the ability to systematically work out your envisioned plans on an agreeable understanding. It is within your possibilities to do just that and wouldn’t everyone be much happier having to watch this on your tv debates? Everyone wins with this scenario.

Now for our talks. The face to face dates given has brought up some questions in many of you concerning why we would go ahead and give the dates for this to happen. Why not? We plan for them and so do you and we come together with an understanding of sorts to see how we are receive. Yes, I know there is reluctance on your part of safety where differences of opinion exist concerning our coming here in the first place. There will be those who do not trust us and do not want us here on your soil for this is considered too close for comfort.

We continue to monitor for complications and if it is unsafe to do so we will surely not subject anyone to harm even if it is from yourselves. You might think it would be better if the dates were not given and we would just show up unannounced. We believe this would be asking for trouble and not go well in the long run. To plan gives everyone the knowledge of some bit of safety in the planning. We forge ahead.

We continue these channelings to our scribes and the conversations with our radio operators and we are covering much ground for this beginning. It is good. We have a lot of ground to cover and our plans continue. This part is the beginning and we will establish the structure for further information to be given. I must say we had planned for generalities but the questions asked of us by the HAM radio operators has gone way past generalities and we have delved into some heavy topics and answers. This is quite ok of course but we continue to be surprised at the depth of question and the avenues it brings up for further study and questions on your part. Sometimes on our part also. We hope this continues and it is going well.

I leave you now for time is drawing close for our meetings and there are many things to get ready that you are unaware of at this moment. Always more meetings on our part and this is the way we work things out. We will have success. It is time for this.

I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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