October 5, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time and tell you that we are still on schedule and the time is drawing near. There are those who still do not believe that we will show up and I guess this is because of disappointments from the past. Let me say that the time is right now and we have the go ahead. If something does come up and we miss this date for some reason, do not be disappointed for we will just reschedule and we will not give up. The energies are in this right timing for this to happen and it has been directed by the Powers above that this be done and it will be.

We often have great hopes for something like this to happen but at this time we have great faith and belief that it is set and will happen. We would hope that you would also but I guess with all the no shows you have experienced with the heart of wanting it to happen it has somehow dampened your belief that it actually will take place. I wish it were not so but we deal with what you believe. You will see it is in your future.

We speak now of contracts and specifically of those concerning your freedoms and rights as citizens of the United States. Your constitution and further documents have paled in the minds of your government and it is going to take some reminding to get them in focus again. These documents were created by many attending the inception and many were not in physical form. You would be surprised at how many had a hand in the events that led up to your proclamation of freedom. The same people have been witness to the decline of your freedoms all these years and are here again to help you re-vitalize the sacred words that were written so long ago in your time. Do take advantage of their help and get back on the right track for each of you and for your country. Sometimes I wish there was a way to take you back in your time and show you how things really happened and who was attending that you could not see. It would amaze you and I think would give the occasion more meaning and importance than it already had. Cherish your freedom and the documents that state such. Honor them and form your government around them.

Now for intervention. There is some question about what has been allowed in the past and what is forbidden as far as our intervention. Let us say that there are long standing rules of behavior where help to any planet is concerned and these are followed to the letter with one exception. When an intervention is directly ordered by Father and Mother God we obey and do as directed in all cases. This is what happened with earth on several occasions. One example was with your earth changes regarding earthquakes and volcanoes. There was an intervention there that allowed us to put them on hold to give more time for advancement of vibrations to become more in line and to give people more time to leave their old ways and accept Divine Will. Quite a few took advantage of this but not nearly as many as we were hoping. We just ran out of time and now Gaia is free to do as she needs with her earth changes.

Another example is with your weapons that were on stand by and there were times we had to intervene with them in order to take away any opportunity of false ignition or start of firing them at targets, no matter what country or what target. This was not allowed and has been forbidden for awhile now. This practice of having them on call so to speak and ready to fire should have been done away with a long time ago. Better yet it should never have been allowed in the first place. You still do not understand how this practice has affected not only your planet but others as well. Remember all things are connected and it has been proven but you have not let this information completely come to understanding in your minds yet. It is a certainty and we will come to more information in our education part of this law and hopefully your understanding will be complete on this subject. Atomic weapons were not allowed and we had and do have a certain control over this aspect of your aggression.

There are many more examples of interventions but the point is that we do not intervene without proper directives and they are quite clear. Our laws let you carry out your wishes on your path of learning for the most part. There are so many pieces to this puzzle as you like to call it that you are not aware of and if you were it would make better sense to you for what has happened. This also is part of our education and the bringing of information to make the picture clearer. I think the problem you have in a lot of cases is what part is up to your free will choice and what part is mandated by Creator to happen in your course of history. Where are your parameters of freedom to choose and where is the line drawn in what will happen and is scheduled to happen according to events that have been dictated. This will be explained.

Now we come to the closing of this message and I bring you news of the readings of our instruments where we look in on your advancements and it is good. Continue with what you are doing, especially with your prayers for all people to accept the love and light that is being given. All you need do is to accept them. You are getting quite good at the group consciousness practice and combining your projections with others and it is much more powerful that you might imagine. We are pleased at your growth and advancement.

I take my leave now and go in peace and hope that you will do also.

I am Prosper

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