October 6, 2020

Let us begin. It is our opinion that the pressures in the New Madrid area continue to rise and adjustments are imminent. Prepare for such as has been talked about in the past. Our readings are quite accurate and indicate that changes are coming soon. It has been foretold for some time now and things are building.

Let us go onto other things. We read your collective consciousness and see that you are taking advantage of the group energy and this is good. Combining your abilities makes for a stronger force no matter what the subject is or the target. You are using this ability for good. Make no mistake about it this is the way to go if possible. Keep in mind that in times past those without much light used this same element for their dark deeds. Energy can be used for good and for bad. You, under the direction of God’s will have found that combining forces, which in fact you are already connected, is much better than trying to go it alone. This is not to take away from those who do things on their own like healing and Light work. You underestimate your God given talents to cause change on your own anyway. This will all be restored on how to do things for the best outcome. You have done this before for many years and it will come back to you.

The collective of your power is more than you can imagine at present and it is in fact forming the new earth that is offered to you and has been promised. It is not an automatic gift that will appear one day without any effort on your part. It is a possibility that is only limited by your ability to work toward the highest of your thoughts to achieve. So think of the best possible earth and work toward that picture and existence. Then work out a plan to get there with our help.

Now we speak of trajectories and how you focus your energy onto that which is creatable. Energy is a strong force and must be used wisely and with control. When creating remember that exact goals must be in your mind and generalities are not the way to go. The creators of all things need to use this method and not just in the general vicinity of where they want things to happen or appear. As in trying to find a partner in life to share life with you would not go to a store and ask for someone in the general area of what you want. You would be specific of the qualities and appearance of the partner you desire and wish to have in your life. It is the same in all things desired. Be to the point and that applies to the new earth that you picture and would have. At this point we give of our help to show you what has not worked in the past so that you can focus your skills in pinpointing the desired type of government and leadership you not only want but need. We encourage the type of leadership you require and again you have free will to pick and choose in your own manner of choices. Some things are God driven leading to certain outcomes and this is in the realm of it will be done for it is a direct will of God. There is that line again we talked about on what will be and what is left up to your choices.

We speak of meditation again and that connecting with the source of all things. Once you gain the practice of keeping yourself in the Light and Will of God you will come to know what the will of God is and you will reside in this vibration of knowing and doing His will and there will be no question of where that line is because you will know. Work toward this way of living your life and using your energy for the will of God and life will open more doors for you and your happiness and joy level will rise. You know the feeling of nothing is right and everything I do seems so hard. You are not in alignment with what is best for you at that time. There are times when you seek the outcome that is actually a good one but the timing is wrong and the elements of coming about are not there yet and this is difficult for you to understand. There is a wisdom in the timing of things and this has been hard for you to understand. Let the conditions and elements of a certain outcome come to fruition in its own timing and it will bloom like a beautiful flower in your reality. Try to force it and it will not happen or it will crumble in your hands. There is a logic and understanding also of how things come about. Be at peace with however long it takes for some things to happen and continue to meditate and find that connection with all that is and have peace with patience.

Now we come to our contacts of earthly connections with all of you. There are those who have been contacted by us for most of their lives. Some know it and some do not. We have had our hands in the making of things to come about concerning earth for some time now and our people who have taken on a earth body and dimension have been working toward the goal whether they are aware of it or not. They carry light and love and this has been instrumental in raising the group consciousness in all areas of earth. Some of you are fully aware of our existence in your lives and some are not. We continue to hope for the awakening of those who do not and there is always time for them to see that we are here to help. The fear level is not as high as it once was and we are becoming more accepted. Unfortunately the service to self aliens were active for some time and are now on their way out. They also had free will and did not use it wisely. This gave us all a bad name are reputation. It has been hard to overcome.

We fully communicate with those who are aware of us and some connections are used to transmit information in the form of channelings or lessons for all to benefit from. This has been going on now for decades of your time and as I have stated before the books that have been written and the channelings given did not speed around the earth with the information that was received. It had limited recognition and reception. We plan to change that with our planned contacts in your future. The television and internet has changed the ability to obtain information on most subjects and this has helped with our information. Few have been willing to venture out into the area of being the ones to devote their lives to giving of this information for it is fraught with land mines and unpleasant happenings to say the least. They have become targets of ill will and also of the dark for these individuals have been successful. We are grateful for their bravery and devotion to the cause and we continue to find avenues to give of our information. We do not give up no matter how long it takes.

Now we continue to plan for our face to face meetings and hope that you would pray for our success and have this as a goal in your minds for the timing is right and we want to make progress in this for the next step and the step after that. We subverted a lot of things that could have happened for various reasons but find that we are on the right track now and hope there will be no interference in the flow. We have so many working with us at this time and it is gratifying to see this amount of cooperation.

I leave you now with the plan for a new improved earth on your minds and in your hearts. I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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