October 7, 2020

Let us begin. It is with great anticipation that I contact you and we are quite ready for the contact scheduled. We have only listed two locations and we may add more before their dates if all goes well. I see nothing to hinder our plans at this time and that is good. We have waited for some time now for this to happen and all of us here are quite ready for this to happen. We hope that this garners much attention if not at the moment it happens than later when word of mouth spreads the news. Maybe a good review of the overall conduct of everyone involved in this face to face happening.

Now let us speak of superficiality of life. What is seen is not what is going on in the minds of a lot of people. Some of you are authentic and we speak highly of your life as you live it. Most people are one way in their minds and another in their thoughts or to themselves. First of all we ask that you do not ever lie to yourself. Know yourself and again we recommend meditation and some quiet time to get to know who you really are and why you think as you do. Back to the original thought. Your are confronted daily by circumstances that you feel require you to act a certain way to fit in or to get ahead. This is not an authentic life and ends up causing problems usually in the area of mental disturbances.

Try to be honest and I can hear some of you already saying that you cannot do this without fear of being fired or separated from your loved ones. It is not necessary to hurt anyone’s feelings but it is important that you do not end up living a lie of sorts. If you are not employed with a job you like or one that causes you to hate going to work we suggest that you try to find a job that is more considerate of your feelings and what you want to be doing in life. The same goes for your partner or chosen one that you are with most of the time. This is no way to live an authentic life and you end up wasting a lot of time lived in less than happy circumstances. The superficial persona you put forth for the public is a far cry from how you really feel and this is one of the things that we would like to see done away with in the time of freedom and liberation. Think on these things and consider how you would feel if you lived your true self all day long.

There will come a time when the energy or event bringing about the vibrations of love and light will affect everyone and opportunity for new living authenticity will be made available. A gift from the Father and this will make a huge difference in the way you view things and the way you feel. It will bring about new open doors for you to live that authentic life we talked about and you will become accustomed to life in the fullest of all things opportunistic and available to you. It will broaden the way you look at things and this means the way you learn to love. I am not speaking only of loving one another but accepting the love that is offered to you and using it or better described as letting it flow through your life and touching all things around you. Not only the people but all living things. You will gradually become the beings of love and light that you were given the opportunity to be in the original plan of your existence here on earth. The things that have been taken away from you are being returned and the wave or event will give you this in abundance and we look forward to you having this happen when the timing is right. Rest assured that you will be uplifted into vibrations that will trigger memories from past times when you had more attributes and ways of sensing things and living a much fuller life than you do now.

We again speak of the energies building up around the New Madrid fault and see that heat signatures are being recorded in these regions and these are being seen by your scientists and they are not from wild fires. They are heat released from pressures upon the opposing plates and these will be released and we see this as happening soon. It is difficult to say when but the pressures are causing high heat signatures which indicate very soon. Do anticipate these shifts with supplies which may be hard to obtain after something happens. Also take care of your animals and plan for them if possible.

Now let us talk of tangible monies and means of obtaining what you need in life. The plans for debt relief have been in the works now for awhile and are still being given energy to happen for everyone. The means and ways of this happening have already been laid out and are part of the new earth events that will make your life more of what God had originally intended for you in the beginning. Do not give up on this idea and have it in your thoughts and wants for what is to come in the planning of your new earth. This plan has been difficult in bringing about and much time and effort has gone into sabotaging these plans by the ones who would like to control all the money. They fought hard against sharing the wealth of earth and not only with money but anything they saw as valuable that they could control. We give you examples of clean air, petroleum products, crude oil and natural resources. Diamonds and precious stones are another example of controlled items that the few would like to have complete control over. Some of these same people have done this not only to earth but have exerted their influence on other planets as well in your history of the surrounding universes and planets. It has been an ongoing desire on their part for power. Some will most likely go to other areas now and try the same thing on other planets. Most have been caught in their own web of lies and wrong doing here on earth and the time is up for them. Decisions have already been made as to their end.

We regret the lives you have been forced to live but liberation has come even if you do not see it yet and the freedoms are there and offered waiting for you to take advantage of them on a grand scale of things. Do not hesitate to open those doors and partake of the new avenues available to you and your loved ones. Bring up your children in happiness and joy and not the controlled atmosphere that kept you from living the authentic life that you could have had. Those times are over now and are only available in your history books. The new earth is here and waiting for you to correct and improve the circumstance not only for earth but for yourselves. Take control and see just how far you can go with improving the circumstances and we are here to help you do just that.

I leave you now with the thoughts of first contact on a larger scale and this will change everything. Live freely and with the thought of that authentic life which will bring about a complete change for life lived with love and light. I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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