October 8, 2020

Let us begin. It is with hope that I speak to you. Our hope is in the belief that our face to face contact will go well and many will have the confirmation they have been wanting and needing to validate our existence. I assure you we are here and have been for quite a while in your time. We add a location to the two already listed and that is Baltimore, Maryland. We will give the date and time at a later date. It is looking like this will go well and we hope this holds up through the time we have scheduled.

Now let us speak of honesty. First honesty with one’s self is important. It causes so much of a vibrational problem when you do not face facts about yourself and the mind and body suffers. This again is one reason we encourage you to meditate or have your quiet time is to get to know yourself. There are many reasons why you act and think the way you do and not all of them are from your current lifetime.

Secondly we encourage you to practice a life of truth where you do not cover up or alter the truth you live on a daily basis. Once again there is no need to hurt anyone’s feelings needlessly but try to be honest in your language and your dealings with others. This takes practice after the way you have lived for so long. It goes back to living a life of your authentic self. What you do not realize is the dissonance you set up within yourself when you lie and this includes to yourself. The heart and the guidance you receive come from a place of truth and honesty and when there is a cover up it causes a contrast or opposition in the vibrational frequencies that are emitted and this is harmful to the body. Contrary to popular belief you cannot always cover up certain things in your life and your record of life and your body knows when you lie. Cover ups are impossible for these areas of your true self. Do not go against your body and your heart.

Start now and practice honesty or an authentic self. We know it will go against your practice but it is important that you now are in agreement with all that is. Yes, this includes your world and your universe and beyond. It is that far reaching. God knows all things and as far as that goes most of your vibrational dissonance can be read by most of us and we know there is a conflict that is causing this disturbance. It has not been as secret as you may have thought. Remind yourself on a daily basis if need be that you start with truth this day and go forward from there.

Now on to your transportation. There will come a time when you will move into more speedy means of moving around. There will be apparatuses for industry and moving good across country and around the world. This will take some time to develop. The products go into the departing area and are sent to the location of choice where another receptacle will receive them. Amazing to think of. There will be faster methods of personal transportation and we await to see what you prefer and which way to might go in your development of several methods. It is up to you to pick and choose.

The other option is for movement of ideas and things on paper which for the most part can be transported faster than you would ever imagine by thought process. Large quantities of information can be sent also by the method used by industry and transportation of goods but on a smaller scale as in an office. There are many improvements waiting for you to discover and many improvements to be made. We have these to show you. One of the ways that can be improved upon is in voice transmission or sound. You have traveled a long way in your improvement of sound travel, especially in your music. We are also entertained and derive pleasure from your music created and you continue to find ways of conveying different types of sounds for people to enjoy. One of the more advanced planets I might add in your inventiveness concerning music.

Let me just say there are so many things that we can show you that will improve your lives as we have stated before. Do take advantage of these and again it is your choice which ones you want to develop first and take advantage of . You may want to try all of them. It is our pleasure to help you create the type of world you wish to have.

Now for the order of things as they progress. There is an ongoing judicial system we have been using to bring certain ones into our adjudication as they face their processing concerning the laws that apply to your planet. Most of them are behind the scenes but it is time that they will come out into the open. This will be part of the unfoldment of information that is given and may take awhile for you to take all of it in. The people who have been confined will be many and they cannot get around the events they have created for themselves regarding judgment. That day they have dreaded has come upon them and their processing has begun. Some have been in confinement for awhile and have already been processed and are onto their eventual judgment. Some have been replaced in your societies by doubles and you do not realize the real people are actually gone elsewhere. This is the part that cannot be avoided nor can any amount of money get you out of. It is the law and will be carried out. So much is going on now and it will pick up speed from now on and if you are keeping up with things it will become more evident to you what is going on even before we give you the information of what is transpiring. This is moving along at a fast pace at present and will continue to do so. No longer can anyone hide or get away to other locations.

We will come to a close now and get on with our plans and meetings as we will bring you to a point in your history where all will change. No longer can we be ignored or remain hidden even to you who do not believe. We have much to offer and you are now ready for our revelations and the big one is we are here and we mean you no harm.

I go in peace now and would hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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