October 9, 2020

Let us begin. It is with great expectations that I come to you this morning. We are looking forward to our meetings with great joy. There is so much we have to tell you and we were hoping we would be well on our way by now. Things are looking good and we anticipate no problems. First our introduction then onto the lessons and information. It is our purpose and directive to give you the most important information first that you will need to know. Our speakers are ready and waiting. In most cases it is difficult to give you dates because of our time differences that we live by but it is necessary in this case. We are getting close. The third location has been added but no date has been set for this one yet. We will give it later.

Now onto other things. You have been confronted with another hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and there may yet be another one before this season is over. Be prepared but also be informed that this is not your greatest adversary. Possible earthquake activity is your main concern, even though it will be in a little bit different location its effects will be in a possibly greater area. We are still picking up increased heat signatures and the pressure has not gone away. This pressure must be released in some way and an earthquake is the most likely avenue it will take. It has been lurking quietly for the most part for years now and its time has come. Gaia has to make her changes to usher in the new earth and this is one of them.

We would like to speak of beginnings. This face to face meeting is no small thing. It is a great turning point in your history and when looking back it will be the beginning of so many advancements that you will wonder how you managed to keep up with them all. This is the flow of information we plan to give to you and considering the intelligence available upon your earth you will surely make the most of it. We do not make light of the technology side of our information but we would like to focus now on the other aspects of the information regarding advancements in your personal life.

The suggestions we will give for your soul growth will come with great reverence and we highly suggest that you cover these several times and give them a place of importance for study and concentrations. They will cover quite a large area but yet are the same principles and laws that have been in affect forever that we know of. How to live, how to relate to others and your best mental attitude for advancement and a happy life. Please take note of these and give them your deep attention. Make small changes at first if necessary but do incorporate them into your daily lives and above all remember this is in your best interest as we have been trying to guide you now for years. It is just a different method of conveying this information to you and will be in person and not in channeling or book form. First hand you might say and this hopefully will get to more people than anything tried before.

Teachers are important to bring more meaning to the words and this also gives you time to form questions in your mind and to try out new things in your life. We most definitely will get to the question and answer part of each lesson but know that we will be reading your response to our information given to see how it is being received. What does it matter if you have the latest gadgets in your lives if you are not happy or if you are not advancing in your growth or means of relating to your Creator. This is actually the most important part of any transition or ascension process is the opening up of possibilities for self growth and advancement of some kind. Do keep in mind that we have been speaking of forgiveness as a forerunner of changes to be made and this is a foundational move on your part of leaving the things behind that do not serve you anymore and will hold you back. Forgiveness is so necessary to continue and is one of the things that has to be completed in some cases for further completion of study and understanding. Do try to understand this point and work on your forgiveness if this part has not been taken care of yet. Ask for help if need be but this is important.

Another subject in our progress of information is your mind talk or what you tell yourself on a repeated basis. Your platform of mental suggestions or beliefs you have about yourself. We have wanted you to work on this for some time. You are teachers of yourself by what you repeat in your mind on a constant basis. Thoughts of putting yourself down or making little of yourself because of past errors as you see them do hold you back. Actually some things you perceive as mistakes are actually learning examples and should be used as such instead of burdening yourselves with regret and self loathing. You have made great strides in this ares but some of you still have a ways to go in forgiving yourselves for past transgressions as you see them and this also needs to be done before a truly clean start on other steps for a better life. Watch for or listen for those put downs than trip so easily off your suggestion lists to yourself and change the subject, tone and focus of how you encourage yourself to continue with each moment. If you could only know how much you are loved it would help but as yet you do not have the ability to conceive of the depth of the type of love I am speaking of. One day you will have a better understanding of this and it will broaden the meaning of your existence and your part in the grand scheme of things all around you. You are not just an individual alone experiencing life. We have much to say about your place and part in all that is and we encourage you to take notes if you need to but do give this information the study it deserves and work to see that you incorporate your importance into your mental dialogue to yourself. Give yourself a better teacher to yourself and let it be the gift of right thinking and the right words of going forward according to the laws existing that apply to your self worth. Eliminate this belittling of yourself and have it no more in your mind’s dialogue to yourself. This is very important and you will actually see your life take on new meaning in every second of your day from now on.

The information is not just in general but is tailored to not only this planet in specific but to each of you in the best possible words used and not only the words but the method of delivery is geared to your understanding of what is given. Much thought has gone into this for the most comprehension of what is said. A personalized teaching that will give you the possibilities you need to progress on a massive level if you take this seriously and focus on trying to incorporate the ideas into your lesson plan for a better life. We want to see you do just this and will alter the content and direction of information given as needed to bring about the best possible learning curve we can possibly present before you. It is with love that we do this and we are set up and geared to bear witness to your advancement that has been so long in coming. Allow us to bring this to you with the best possible avenues of learning on your part. Treat these words as if they are gold and of great value for they are.

I leave you now with these thoughts on your mind for consideration and hopefully determination to make the most of what will be given. It is of no small value and you might say they are the keys to the kingdom. I go now in peace and hope that you would do also.

I am Prosper

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