October 10, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We here have been in almost constant meetings and planning sessions trying to make sure all is suitable for our meeting on your planet. The setting, the words and so on. It is still looking good from here and it is a go from us to do this. The exact location has yet to be given and this will most likely be a late announcement. Some of the readings will be done that same day in order to give the exact location.

Now for another subject. Let us speak of honor. This is a subject that is well known in the military training and we could take some lessons from them on this subject. They give of their all to take care of their own and although we do not agree with the subject matter of taking another life in a war like situation we do have to give credit for the seriousness of watching out for a member of the team or group. Honor is a type of honesty in all things and there is no giving up or shrinking away from what needs to be done. We would like to bring it down to an individual level where the direction comes from your own guidance instead of a commanding officer as in the military.

We suggest that you are honest with yourself and let that feeling of honor bring you to a point of service and confronting what needs to be done for the good of all concerned. There will be lots of work to be done in the time of the new earth and many issues will need correcting and improving. Do not take a backward step when the need arises and be ready to give of your time and talents on the project you can really get into with your thoughts and actions. The idea of let someone else do it is not valid anymore now and this will not work. There are so many places where you can serve that there is really no excuse for not involving yourself in the new framework that will be needed to forge ahead on the recovery of the earth causes. Stay informed and give of yourself to something worthwhile. You are not being asked to exhaust yourselves on any issue but it would be nice if you felt passionate about some cause.

We would like to bring to your attention the idea of groups. Going alone on anything can be difficult and getting together with others of the same focus can be more powerful and can also be an incentive to work diligently on almost any issue. Don’t be afraid to form a group of any size if you cannot find one already formed on the issues you are interested in. There has to be a starting point or beginning somewhere and sometime on anything. We know you are capable and if you are lacking in ideas but are interested in a subject we are here to help you get started. It is with instruction that we continue to guide you in the many issues and subjects so do not hesitate to involve yourself not only in an issue of interest but in our instruction or suggestions on how to forge ahead or continue. It is better to start off and continue in the right direction that to have your energy and labor go awry. We do have the experience in most things and are glad to be of service to you. Most of the time we are listening and make your wishes known on more than one occasion.

Now let us speak of integrity. We are talking about leadership and all types but mainly of your government and the positions that will be filled by your votes and in some cases by our suggestions. We can go deeper into the background of an individual and take in the many lives and the training that person has had and see if they are qualified and have the best interest of the citizens and their needs at heart. No longer will the back room deals be cooked up for false voting with already known outcomes. The integrity of the person holding an office is of uppermost concern before they take that position and you won’t have to wait for years sometimes only to find out they were not suited in any way to take the needs of the people and the country into their choices. Money will not be the motivating factor nor will the power or position. The times have changed and your future is looking good. You have been so negatively motivated that we believe you will be on your best game in changing things and choosing your new leaders no matter what the position may be. This will go all the way down to integrity of mayors and city managers. No position is unimportant when serving others. All are important and require the same thoughts of honesty and ability to serve as the leaders of your country specifically your President of the United States. Honesty and integrity behind closed doors will have to be a must from now on when holding any position. Think on these things when picking your leaders.

We emphasize these issues and know that in the past it has been difficult to tell up front about a person because of all the ways you can be deceived by them. Money has been used a lot to cover up actions of the past and that is where we come in. This is the time for all things hidden to come to the front and be in the light and we will work for this to happen. We will devote a lot of our work to seeing that you at least know about an issue or a person so that you can make better decision in your appointments and your votes. Most of the time you will be shown beforehand when a person is not suited for leadership but we will endeavor to show the true aspects of a person’s qualities so that there will be no doubt.

We leave you this morning with the thoughts of better leadership on your mind and also what this means for your time to come. There are good things ahead for you with the proper incentives. I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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