October 11 2020

Let us begin. It is with good feelings that I come to you and contemplate our meetings on your land and in person. I know there are some of you that doubt that this will happen in your real time but it is planned and there is a connection between our reality and yours that binds up to this occurrence of meeting on the planned times. There are always certain factors that play into any thing happening and we have worked hard to see that this connection remains viable and strong so it can transpire in your reality without interruption or cancellation. This has not gotten this far before and we give it strength and hope that you are giving it strength also with your visualizations and prayers. It has to be supported by as many as possible for the time line to remain. There are so many things you need to know and this teaching is of vast importance to everyone for as you learn and grow it compliments everything else and everyone else in the all of everything.

Now let us speak of associations while we speak of what one does affecting the all that is. Our associations with others is on a much greater level that you might imagine. The creative ingredients that are used to create just about anything are the same elements and energy that is present in all things. There is no empty space as you once thought. It is crammed full of energy and thought that is present and ready to be made into something else. The same goes for the body you use for your chosen life. There is no empty space and the messages that take place between parts of your body are communicating with all other parts of your body in a symphony of harmony and this is the ultimate of good health. That harmony is the ultimate or the pinnacle of desired resonance that can be had for total good health. When there is disease or sickness there is no harmony in some area of the communication with the body.

The same elements that do exist in all space and all things created do communicate with all other things that are and you are just now re-establishing that thought in your mind that it is possible to be connected with everyone else and everything else. There is a further element of knowingness that is possible to tap into for you but this may be in the future learning for some of you at this time. It is possible but do not be disappointed if this is not done by you yet. It will come later at the proper time in your learning. Just know that what one does affects all that is. This is one reason that earth and what happens here is so important to all things because there is a connection that is yet unknown by you concerning the advancement and ascension plans of others not on your planet. It is part of our education and in time you will understand how all things are connected. There really is no instance where one person does something on their own which does not cause a reaction somewhere or with someone else. This has to be understood.

Now may we speak of money. I am talking about going beyond the thought of sharing the wealth of the earth and dispersal of monies appropriated for giving out and I am focusing on the future of your wealth in other areas. There will come a time when you will think of and contemplate doing away with money to purchase things and will look at other societies that have done this and see that it is a viable system that does work well. It has been proven on many planets and has been done for long periods of time now. It frees up so many of your concerns and pressures and you would be wise to consider this for real. It may be early to bring this up but at some point it will be in your future and be an option for you. There has to be a certain level of service to others in your heart and mind for this to work and all who can do work to get things done. All things needed are provided and for the most part no one hoards anything but only takes what is needed for comfort. You still have the opportunity to a line of service or work that pleases you and in most cases where this is the standard no one works longer than is necessary to get this done. There are no 40 hour weeks of labor. It is more of a case of productive time spent in a field or avenue of something enjoyed with a sense of accomplishment that is very satisfying. No money is exchanged. You are free to get what you need and that is all there is to it. Organization is required and planning to make sure all items will be provided for those in need but this is done without complication. Think on these things and it is a step in the right direction.

We come to the thoughts of atrocities in your past history and there will be available facts concerning your history that have been hidden from you and never recorded anywhere in your history books. These will become available to you for your learning to show you how things evolved into what you have today. There is a line that will not be crossed into dwelling on these negative actions and we will stick to studying what is necessary just for the understanding of them. It is important that we focus on the better times ahead but understanding the past is a part of that understanding. There is a forgiveness that is necessary before some things can be transformed in their energy and changed into something positive but that will be encouraged and explained as to how this step will take you into the next step of growing and proceeding down your path of improvement. The structure of progression will take shape and you will be guided on how to travel into the kind of earth environment that you are dreaming of now. Please do take our suggestions seriously.

We come to the end here and leave you with many hopes of all kinds of improvements for all facets of your life and all of them good. The possibilities are endless for you and the doors can only be opened by you. The next step is yours to take and we stand by you and look forward with joy to see this happen. I leave you now and go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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