October 12, 2020

Let us begin. It is with anticipation that I contact you this morning and bring good news. Everything looks good for our visual face to face contact and we are on schedule. Specific locations are being considered for the cities mentioned and we are narrowing them down. There is still the taking of vibrations to calculate any aggression and that will continue. All is on schedule for this.

Let us talk of how much communication you receive every day from sources outside of you. You have assigned to you an angel and most likely a guide or teacher or both. Sometimes more than one and the teachers can be more than one depending on your needs. Much is done during your sleep time and most of you travel to other destinations in another body but you are always connected to your physical body and you always know how to get back. Usually you are escorted for a travel to a location that is new to you but once you learn how and where you need to go you can do this by yourself.

There is a lot of information that can be given at night but the real practiced angels and guides give you suggestions and encouragement during your waking hours. Mostly there are no words and it will be received as a mental thought wrapped in an emotional feeling. It is hard to describe but the suggestion given gets to you and it is received. How you pay attention to this information is entirely up to you. Some take suggestions well and give them focus and others dismiss them immediately and never realize they have been given consideration by anyone unseen. Most feel the thoughts or emotions given are their own ideas. It takes time and practice to discern which thoughts are your own and which have been given by other sources.

If a person is not intent on good living and makes a lot of unwise decisions or visits places of low vibrations it is easy for information to come to them from bad sources, especially if they do not protect themselves from it. Drugs and alcohol make you vulnerable and remaining in the light is always a good idea for everyone. Dark entities do not tarry long around light and they are gone. So many make themselves vulnerable to these low light entities who linger after death to feed off of the misery of individuals and never put forth any effort to better themselves or give up their ways. Therefore there are always dark ones around looking for the low energy that they crave. Do not put yourself in this position and I would think those who read here are trying to remain in the light and do not have this problem but you need to be aware that this is going on at all times with those who remain unenlightened. Do not associate with them if at all possible for they usually give connections to unseen lower vibrations and this is not something that helps you along your path. Be aware of others and how they make you feel when you are around them. You will be able, after awhile, to tell if they are of lower vibrations and if they are influenced by darker communications. This bring up some mental control but we will give more on that later. It is worth your time to be aware of what you bring yourself in contact with or who you bring yourself in contact with other that the person you see in front of you. All is not what it seems.

Let us talk on rituals, and practiced routines during or before meditation. Some are habit and not necessary to take you where you need to go in your mental peace. Do not think you have to go through hoops and long verbal mantras or rituals in order to be one with all that is. It is inside of you and you can’t get much closer than that. Some practices are very good for advancement. Breathing if done correctly is very advantageous. Better is your lifestyle, eating habits and joy and laughter. This puts you in a very high state just to have a deep laugh and good times. Do not underestimate them in your life. Learn to step right into your power, your light and your connectedness with your Creator and your all that is without having to wait on procedures that may distract you from the authenticity of the source of the real you. I have heard these rituals called crutches. I prefer to think of them as help as long as they are working but don’t let them get in the way of progress and above all learn to do without them when you no longer need them or they fail to help you progress in any way.

May we talk on families. Your life had much thought put into it before you came here and those much more practiced in picking the best life for your growth than you were involved in this decision. Once here there is a purpose to your parents and your siblings if any. Please keep your mind open to the reason for their choice. You may have them for a learning experience or for working something out but in some way you are connected to them and it is best to forgive and love them in their path also for you are all here for advancement of some kind and harboring ill thoughts for parents or other family members gets you no where good. These are difficult interactions at best and seldom do all things go smoothly. I give you the example of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when families get together. Add in some alcohol and there is usually a conflict somewhere. Do your best to work out any resentments and disagreements and by all means do attempt forgiveness, not just of family members but of everyone that brings up these types of thoughts in your mind. It is wise to pray and ask for clarification on the purpose of being in the same family with others and try to remain in good attitudes. Accusations and harsh words may be in your mind but they will always cover up the potential of harmony and love for one another.

We are coming upon the holiday season and there is always a blanket of brotherly love that we like to see at this time. People will go out of their way to do good for strangers and some friends but work on the family for this is the beginning of this life that you have and remember things are not always what they seem. Be kind whenever possible and if this isn’t easy then begin somewhere and keep at it until you get it under control. You will not always be met with kindness but at leas you will be free from darker thoughts concerning family.

These are difficult times to begin with and expecting everyone to get along is a tall task. Please do not contribute to any violence in action or thought. Stay away from volatile situations and gatherings. Protest and exhibit your differences with peace. It is important that you make yourself known and the changes you want for the new world but channel your thoughts in a constructive manner and do not underestimate the power of group thought for a common goal. There is much work to be done and there is no room for violence or hurting another. You have had enough of that already. We stand by you on your choices if improvements for earth and for the people living here. Bring about your ideas of love and the circumstances you would like to bring up your children in. Work on these things.

I leave you with these ideas now and I go in peace and would hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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