October 13, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you before this momentous occasion of contact. There are messages and forces at work now that you are ready for because of attainment of vibrations. You were not ready to receive them before and all things have to evolve in their Divine timing. It is the way things work. Especially the giving of information is crucial and giving true and honest information before someone is ready for it is no help at all and can bring about unwanted actions from the individual receiving it. It is not the truth of the information that is the only criteria, it is also the timing and when it is given. What is difficult is when you have to consider you are speaking to a large group of individuals you will have some that are quite ready for the information before others but as in the consciousness levels of a group you have to wait until correct timing for all concerned. It is a decision that is made by very wise entities and it takes time to make this decision for them all. It is a big responsibility for the ones in this position of deciding. Your time has come for certain information that is to be given soon and it does fit into the flow of things well at this point.

There has been progress and as in all timing of what is it is required that certain things are added to the flow at the correct time and this takes the reading of circumstance but mostly the advancement or general attitude of those designated to received the changes. Much damage can be done doling out true information before the listener is ready. This has been something that has been difficult for you to understand in the past. You wanted it all up front so you could know what was going to happen and this would go against the order of things and affect the outcome. The actions and absorbing of information that comes after new thoughts are given needs to be pristine on your part having been given the subjects next on the list so you can process them in the best possible time of your advancement on your path. Doing it otherwise would be like for you to be thrown into another reality or another world or life that you were not ready for and this could do damage that would take a long time to recover from. This is why at certain times in your questions that we refuse to give answers to your questions and why we are not forthcoming with certain information. It is in your best interest for growth and corresponds to the order of things and has always been that way when teaching. You have a saying that you cannot get the cart before the horse and that would apply here. You would not be given the keys to a UFO before you have learned how to operate it. Disaster!

So, we come to the part where we hope you understand that all information given is in Divine timing and in order of things perfectly designed with your soul growth in mind. There is so much that has been specifically designed for you as an individual and as a group and as a world. It would be difficult for me to convey to you how much planning and understanding has gone into the processes that you have been through with the information given and it changes from day to day according to what is happening and your thought processes. A customized life and educational plan overseen by thousands on an almost hour to hour basis and some day you will know just how much you are loved and cared for in this process. We were given a large task when we came to take on the concerns of earth and the people upon her. Each facet of your jewel had to be thought out and compatible with each other facet and this was not a one time got it done job. It has been a coordinated effort on a day to day basis that has been ongoing since we started the last segment of this operation. We have been blessed to have this opportunity to serve you and we are overjoyed to see your progress in all avenues of this life experience.

Now let us go on to other topics. We are bridging a gap and venturing into another chapter of your lives and it is bringing up a rather large change in your venue and the way you will look at things. Just take a moment and see how far you have come in such a short time. It has not been long ago in your timing that you were riding horses for transportation and thinking how nice it would be if you didn’t have to go out and kill your food daily so you could live. In just a few generations things were introduced into your societies that gave you the opportunity for sharing knowledge, such as the radio and then the television and now the internet. In spite of the efforts put forth to keep certain things from you and keep you ignorant the internet has brought you much information that is free to all for the searching. So much was against you but with a little help you have overcomed those forces enough to see what is behind the scenes and you continued to search for truth. The cover-ups have been so blatant that you saw behind them and they are now coming out into the open for everyone to view. This is a pivotal point in your understanding and may take some time when we offer the depth of this deception for you to process this information in your own way so that it is palatable. We are prepared to see that you have the time to understand what will be given to you. Do not underestimate how far you have come under quite large amounts of opposition. If only those against you could have used all that energy, time and money for a good cause we cannot even imagine where you would be today. I digress. We look forward to your future with high expectations and with the understanding that you are now free to create and the opportunities are many and you are capable of doing this.

We come to a close now and hope that you will look forward with high hopes in yourselves for much has been given to you in the way of understanding that you already possess the capabilities of doing just what you will need to do for going forward. You are certainly not helpless and we hope you see that your part in the creation of freedom so far is not without merit. You have proven yourselves many times over and continue to do so. You have every right to be proud of your awakened efforts in this whole picture of earth progress. Our help is here to offer you guidance when needed.

I go now and leave you with these thoughts of advancement and acceptance of the new ideas that will be given to you. Take them with patience and understanding and give them time to process in your mind. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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