October 14, 2020

Let us begin. This is an important message and should go out to as many as possible. I alerted my scribe earlier to be ready for it. We have our readings of intent and find there will be violence to contend with and warn you to stay away from crowds if possible. There are those who have done quite a bit of planning for this violence and some of it stems from the dark wanting their way and fighting to destroy all they can since it is finally dawning on them that the Light has won and they are no longer in power.

It is something we can help with on a limited basis but such destruction in their minds is all encompassing and there is a limit to what we can do or prevent in this type of situation. As long as there is free will on this issue of protest we can only advise you not to add to the negative side of your protest but to abandon all things bad and turn your energy to not destroying all you can before your last breath. Much of it also comes from the political side of things where one side was counting on winning and being in control and it looks like the dark is not only outnumbered but is being overcomed by the Light and the efforts of those who want a new world for earth.

We advise you to go ahead and prepare for what is to come and we cannot pinpoint a time for you but do have some food and water stored and if at all possible stay away from crowds and secure your homes at all times. You are being confronted by several possibilities in that some of you are in the earthquake area in the New Madrid fault and there is still that threat. The issues there have not gone away and the heat signatures are still giving the same message that there is pressure building up that has to be released somehow. This other thing of destruction just for the sake of destroying is something we were hoping would not develop but the energy is still building for this to happen. We do not wish to bring you reason to fear but to prepare. It is a revenge sort of energy for not getting their way and this will be a striking out in all directions.

It has been on the horizon of our abilities to see into the time lines and we were hoping that other energies would come to the front and the violence would be lost with the realization that the dark had lost and there would be no need to retaliate. Now this has developed in the fore front of things and we find it necessary to give you this information. There is an added element to this concerning your vote for President and we do not know how the outcome of the election will affect these energies. Needless to say it is a volatile time in that we do not know how intensely this will develop. We are hoping we fall short in our predictions and it will be much less than the possibilities we are seeing at this time. Please take heed to our warnings.

Now onto other things. Our locations for contact have been decided in the two cities mentioned earlier and will be announced at the proper time. This is still on schedule regardless of other factors in the making and our attempt at this meeting will go ahead. Some of you might have already considered it unsafe but this needs to be done and it is always possible that it will be of such great import that it will take the attention away for any violence planned. We can hope for this to happen. It was not in our original plans that this was considered but as it happens it may just be a good thing in this respect. We are not giving up on this plan.

Our energies are still focused in your transition into a higher vibration and ascension and also in your time of education in your history of this planet and in the forming the improvements you need to restore your environment and surroundings into what God intended originally for you. A most beautiful place that was given to you to thrive in and accept the love God has to offer to all of you at all times. We help you channel your energies back to this picture and existence here and this is our plan. The dark is trying to keep this from happening as they have been for years now and in the event they cannot, which they cannot now do so, they are doing all they can to take down anyone and anything they can at present before they are finalized. They, of course, still have the option of turning away from their dark ways and stepping closer to the light but they have chosen their path and it is very difficult for them now to get anywhere close to the Light for they are so corrupted.

All of us here at our station are endeavoring to stop any great violence planned and we will continue to do so. Some of it is out of our control and therefore we come to you with this message. Be aware of what is going on around you and protect yourselves at all times. Pay attention to how the prevailing energies are turning and do turn to God in prayer and surround yourselves with Light of protection. We hope this will be of short duration. It is always possible the energies can turn and it will be of little consequence but that is not what we are reading at this time. We had rather warn you and not have it manifest than fail to warn you and leave you without preparation.

I leave you now and go and further delve into the possibilities of what is to come and also continue to plan for our meeting this weekend in your time. We offer our love and look forward to seeing you in real time. I go now in peace and hope that you and all others would do also.

I am Prosper

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