October 15, 2020

Let us begin. It is with doubt that I come to you this morning in your time and bring news of imminent proportion. This being possible violence in your United States. It is further information of my last message and the doubt is that it can be avoided. The energy presenting itself is strong for this to happen and much prayer and meditation is needed to give Light and strength to peace in all respects concerning this plan that has been hatched. The cause for this is multifaceted in that it is fed by two main sources and one is the unrest of the people to remain indoors under a lock down and wearing masks. The other source is the dark intentions of those without light who plan to cause as much disruption as possible before their last days. It fits in nicely with the unrest present and has built upon those energies to protest and break free.

We ask that you pour as much Light into the thought of peace as you can at this time and try to mitigate the circumstances that may lead to disruption of any kind. We are noticing signs of possible cessation of power and possibly other services which does not make sense at all to us. It is like shooting a hole in the other end of a boat because you do not like who is sitting there. They are easily led under the circumstances because of the already established unrest over the Covid lockdown. This is just a prescribed avenue of release and protest brought about by dark influence of the last hold outs who are still viable to cause trouble. We are doing what we can but at some points it is still their free will. We are hoping this energy will diminish with prayer and the bringing in of more Light and thoughts on these lines of the Light forces who are already working to bring about the peace that is desired.

Now is the time to continue your work with intent and dedication to this cause. This is in no way a criticism of your work in the past for you Light Workers have risen to the call on many occasions and have far surpassed our expectations and wishes in the matter. It is just that the elements of this endeavor by the dark are solidifying rapidly and much dark energy is being poured into this last ditch effort. Do prepare for your loved ones and caution them to take care during the coming time through the rest of the year. We do not mean to instill fear into any situation but see that caution is necessary until this energy is depleted or changed and stops showing up on our monitors.

The prevailing energies of planned violence prevent us from following through with our giving out of the locations of our face to face meetings. They will have to be done where no plans for opposition exist and this will be smaller in attendance. Certain aspects of surveillance are at work now and until the end of the year locations and dates will not be given but will happen unannounced. The circumstances are not favorable for advance plans of places. It is with regret that these circumstances prevent us from giving of further information.

We change subjects now and speak of religion. In past religion and religious causes have been bent in the direction to control and keep the masses where the ruling class wanted. The dark had control even back then to direct and maneuver people and circumstances where they wanted them to go and much was done through the guise of religion. It is much easier to see in retrospect than it was to point out at the time it was being used to manipulate all they could. The distortions of the true meaning of love that was intended was massive and continues to the recent past. Much light will focus on the past and truth will be given in the education upon religion and its combination with control issues that were combined together to bring about the results that were planned by the controlling few that were always present on your planet. Such an organized desire to take over and control this whole planet and use its resources and its people for their own purposes.

The existing conditions now provide much more freedom than in your history but are still rigid in some respects and there have been many times when differences of opinion over interpretation have divided masses to the point of not speaking or associating with one another. Love originally intended was never capable of dividing people like this and you can plainly see that there is something wrong with how things are. This needs to be addressed and will be and there needs to be a bringing together of people on your planet without destroying each country’s freedom of beliefs and traditions. This must be done in order to bring about the peace that is planned.

We would like to remind you that your country has tried to accommodate people from other countries to the point of giving up some of their freedoms. Please examine your laws and see that you have gone to extreme in letting the desires of some overtake the good parts of your freedoms and choices for worship. This needs to be changed or reascended. Your country is no longer looking like the workings under the original plans when it was formed and slowly it has gotten off track and become infused with other intentions. Examine these differences that have come about and review them closely. Do not vary from your freedoms set forth originally. This included pressures currently in place to put a stop to any attempt at freedom of speech to disagree with certain issues. When did you start prohibiting opposition to any idea and see this as something bad if it was done in a peaceful manner. You have always had opposition to certain ideas and it has not undone you but in most cases made you stronger in your resolve to maintain the proven ideas that are held by the majority who have tried them and proven them by time and experience. Let the opposition voices be free to speak but do not view them as law breakers and punish them for speaking. Opposition is how you make corrections when needed and how you bring attention to ideas that need inspection and focus. Allow voices the right to be heard and then decide what is right and what is the majority of the people. Do not penalize them for having a mind and a difference of opinion.

You are not seeing what is happening to you. You are almost to a point where you are criminalized if you oppose anything. Be aware of what is going on and do not buckle under the pressure trying to be imposed upon you. Know your rights to free speech.

I leave you now and go in peace and hope that you will take into consideration the thoughts given here about caution. Go in peace also.

I am Prosper

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