October 16, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. We are proceeding with our plans of contact, but with no exact location given. We have come to think it is better this way and we can also add more locations at will. We will see how it progresses and go from there. There is a certain element of surprise and wonder since we will be unannounced, what the opening line from us will be. Maybe “well, here I am.” Who would believe us? We think on these things. We hesitate to make a big showing with our space ships because we do not want interference in your skies during this attempt because it will be prolonged. More meetings.

Let us take a moment to talk about changes. Your are perceiving mass changes and you still have some big ones to go through. It is mandated that certain ones will take place and one big one is the God sent wave which will envelop everyone and not just on your planet. A multipurpose energy wave that will invade the hearts and bodies of all it touches. These waves do not come often but this one has been planned for some time now and we await the changes it will cause. We are thinking a much needed energy that will change the atmosphere and collective consciousness of your entire world. It is unavoidable and one of the things we are anticipating is the changes in the remaining dark or un-enlightened ones that remain on your earth. They already do not remain around the Light and we are waiting to see how this unavoidable energy will affect them and how they will respond. It may be that they, by their own actions, will remove themselves by remaining in their lower vibration and will take up residence in a different location that will provide them with the opportunities to learn and grow there. Whatever the Creator through Aton has planned for them will be done. We know the what for the most part but not the when. Some things such as details are not given to us but remain hidden until the time of the happening. We just know it will be done.

This energy from God will change the perception of everyone and you will see things differently from then on. A more comprehensive taking in of information on more levels and one of those levels will the the compassionate and loving attitude for your fellow man and all creation. You will never go back to looking at things the same way again. Once you know you can never un-know. We attempt to inform you of this happening but fail short of using words and use one of your expressions of “you just have to be there”. We look forward to this occurrence and await your reaction. It is more than good.

Now, let us speak of experience. Being in the first person when learning is the most progressive way of advancing. You can be taught and hear of other people experiencing certain things but until the experience is in your court and you go through it you will not have it imprinted upon your heart and mind as completely. That is one reason you were assigned or volunteered for this venture upon earth was an opportunity to fast track in the learning of lessons. It has been a difficult journey for you but there will come a time when you will be able to review your progress lesson by lesson and see that this earth experience was one of the biggest blessings and opportunities you could ever have been given other than the free choice of following the Light and accepting the love God has to offer you. The love comes not only from God but from all those who possess it and choose to share it and offer it to all others, you included. It is an energy and creative element that does not diminish in any way when shared and continues to give and spread on demand when someone offers to spread it around. A most magnificent thing to be sure and why someone would not want to incorporate this love that is freely offered into their heart and lives is beyond me. This has been one of the most complex things about the dark ever examined in our opinion as to why they do not at least see the result of love in other peoples’ lives and want to accept this offer. Cannot they not reason and see the many examples where it is given and received? I digress.

We continue to speak of experience. The experiences you have gone through here on earth and that of giving up your physical body and coming back which speeds up things, has provided you with many more opportunities for learning than you would ordinarily have. You will imprint and record these on your record of things and never forget them nor will the lessons dim in any way. Just think of what you have learned in just this one lifetime. Multiply that by the many lives you have had and it adds up to quite a history of advancement. Most were hard learned and there was quite the emotional experience connected with each one. It is most always the case. This emotion is one of the things that so boldly records them upon your mind and your learning of them. So many wanted to come and not all were chosen for this chance to learn. Yes, you did ask for this and some begged for this to happen, this earth experience. I know there were times that you must have thought there was no way you would ever ask to put yourself through the hardships you have experienced while here but in fact you did just that. If not now you will see in time that it was one of the best decisions you have made and you will give thanks for it. There will be a sort of review which will be different from the life review at the time you give up your body and you will be shown with a teacher or counselor of sorts where the living here on earth has blessed you with many learning experiences. Some you learned at the time and some you had to be shown again in a different setting before you saw the learning in the experience and did not have to go through it again. However many times it took for you to embrace the lesson was offered to you and this was of your own making in the way of your actions and thought processes of creating your experiences. A most efficient and educational way of doing things which is permanent in the learning. You will see.

Now let us explain the process that is to come. This school will end. Not the process of advancing to the ultimate goal of the Father but just this school term. This semester, so to speak will be over and the grades given out and some have failed and will have to repeat the offered education again. It is a gift to them to continue at their own speed to learn the lessons that were refused. It is an offering of love that they be given the opportunity to continue in an atmosphere and on a planet that will afford them this. You on the other hand will take your learned lessons and go on to the next opportunity offered and continue. So many will remain on the earth plane to continue your intended plan of re-creating earth and helping her heal. You will see how best to make improvements and see this time through for quite some time into the years of peace that have been talked about and promised to you.

Others will return home and some to their ships where friends and loved ones await for quite a large reunion and in some cases a party of such happy portent. It has been expected and anticipated with joy and happiness now and you will enjoy the reunion immensely. Little by little you will recognize the faces and memories that have been hidden from you and memories will return. It is something that will not come suddenly for it would be another large shock you would have to adjust to and we would not like to see you overloaded with sensory input that completely shuts you down. So, a little at the time and the same goes for giving up the difficult memories and hardships you have gone through down here. Only the learning of the lessons will be strong in your heart and the hardships diminished and eventually forgotten. Not the people, however. The connections you have made will not completely evaporate. The love shared will change but not be entirely forgotten. You have love interest and for some of you quite strong love interests that will return from your past before you entered the earth experience. It is now probably confusing in the speaking of it but it will all work out nicely for you in the end and that is coming.

We go now and leave you with this array of things to consider and think upon and will most likely we will expound upon them all at a later time. You have much to look forward to and many good times ahead where ever you go and we are thrilled for you in this loving peace ahead. We are, and were happy to have been of service to you. Unfortunately there is still some difficult things ahead of you here and it is not over just yet. Do be happy over what is to come, though.

I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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