October 17, 2020

Let us begin. It is with hope I contact you this morning in your time. We are prepared to come and fulfill our desire and word on contact so that you can see us with your own eyes. Our precise location has not been given for security reasons and that still has to be the case. There is unrest brewing and we want this to be peaceful. The local time remains the same. We will proceed.

Now we need to talk about threats to the earth as a whole. There was a contingent escaping from earth awhile back that regrouped on another planet and has grown there gaining strength. They planned to do harm to everyone on earth and Ashtar’s fleet tried to defuse the problem with an attack on their fleet and were mostly successful. We had hoped that the dark would give up completely and see the error of their ways but it was not to be so. They are strongly willed and they continue in their line of wrongful thinking. It is with sadness that we see this continuing. An eye must be kept on them from now on even thought they are not on your planet.

There will always be some in existence who do not mean well and have not advanced in the Light enough to give up their warring ways. There are those who dedicate their work to seeing that law is kept in all places and this is an ongoing problem. Gaia is a special place and under the direct orders of Aton through Creator and there are plans for Gaia that will take precedence over all else and will not be interfered with. This is a must. All will be done to see that the plans will be carried out and enforced.

Now let us speak of influence. The controlling forces left on earth are still trying to influence everyone into their way of thinking and behaving. The news media is strongly leveraged by upper management to contain only what has been given to them and nothing more. We were hoping by now this would be over and truth would indeed be given in abundance but this has not been the case. The media in general including social media is strongly influenced by keeping out certain freedoms of speech and thought that would otherwise be free to all. Certain speech is prohibited strongly to the point of being forbidden or removed once posted. The influences of the dark to move you into their way of thinking and acting is still alive and well in spite of all the work that has been done. This element too needs your prayers and Light work so that the hold can be broken. It is disappointing to us that such a small group of individuals are so strongly connected that they carry this much weight and influence to so many still at this point of liberation. They will not succeed and we do not understand why this is not seen by them. The final result is known and they will not succeed in their efforts. So much wasted effort that could be going to lead the way for good causes with truth at the fore front of it all.

We speak now of immigration and the divided thoughts that are connected with this issue. Much has been done in your past to accept those who seek a better life for themselves and their loved ones and many have made it to your country of the United States by illegal means. The attempt is worth it to them for their circumstances are deplorable and their very survival is at steak. Some are contributing to your society in lawful ways and most of what money they make is being sent to their families in other countries. Your burden to support these individuals is on many levels and includes law enforcement, food and health care. The work of the few to support those in need keeps increasing in numbers of those taking from the coffers of your tax dollars. This cannot continue. Those coming into your country need to be legalized or better yet their home countries need to be cleaned up and provide a decent living wage so that they can remain home and provide for their loved ones.

This is a big job in either case. We see it is always better for one to be able to remain in their own country if they so choose. If entering into another country it needs to be approved through legal channels and done correctly for those who mean no harm and want to legally contribute to the new country. Few have this in mind when they want to come to your country. This is one of the things that help is needed with and is a big issue when choosing your next President. Do keep this in mind when thinking of points to consider in your choices. Many have done much when providing their tax dollars to support these illegal immigrants in the past. We would like to see a harmonious solution to this problem so that all will be happy with the outcome and that is in your future of things to work on. Do consider your President carefully.

Now we see that the Light coming in is increasing and this is upsetting the dark elements more all the time. There is a dissonance between the vibrations of those who have not advanced enough and the new vibrations being offered at this time. It causes unrest to the point of acting out with negative activities and protests of all kinds. Some are so gravely and negatively influenced by the disharmony in refusing the Light that they are almost uncontrollable. This is the element that means the most destruction and the ones who pose the most dangerous threat to people and property. They are unable to see the connection with giving in to the Light and to God and a better life. The focus on what they perceive as disrespect to themselves and their particular group and intend revenge to get attention and think they are in the right to oppose. This is being intensified at this time and this is the threat we warn you about on any local level. Networking of plans and ideas of damage to people and property have continued to spread and become cohesive in nature. Be alert to what is around you and especially concerning the dates of your election. We continue to watch this closely and are seeing that you are intent in your Light work and this is helping to mitigate the intensity of their desires. Please continue to do this work for it is very meaningful in its result and influence.

There is good to report and we do not mean to be so negative in all aspects of our observations and reports to you. The advancements have been very newsworthy and you will be amazed one day at what you have managed to overcome with your desires and work. So much is being done at night while you sleep and the intensity of your desire to bring about the peace and new earth is most admirable. We continue to be amazed at your efforts in this line of thought you have that you will succeed and you are so determined to get the job done. One obstacle we have is getting many to understand how powerful they are to affect change. They underestimate their abilities to bring about the plans they want and do not even try. Their attitude is “what little could I possible do to make it better?” This is so incorrect as many do not understand their efforts combine with others and the energy of the Light work is tremendous in what it can accomplish. If you are one of those who think your work would not amount to much please jump out of your chair or off of your couch and give it a try. We assure you that you have the ability to affect the changes you are wanting to bring about and we ask you to join in with the many who work daily to bring these changes about. Do not be a side liner just watching others do the work. All are needed now more than ever. We encourage you to at least try and if nothing else pray for the type of new world that you want to see in your future. We are here to guide you whenever possible.

I go now and try to catch a front row seat for the contacts planned. We hope to have good results from this and will continue in this line of work for it is directed that we do this and the time is now.

I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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