October 18, 2020

Let us begin. We did attempt our face to face disclosure yesterday and found that circumstances were not within the correct parameters to show our craft in the beginning. We did however uncloak them at the ending part of our contact and people did get a good look at them for a display that no one could deny.

As far as the on the ground talk we did walk among you at both stated locations and it was interesting in how the attempt at speaking to you was received. Most thought our speaker was a mental case and was not believed. The success was marginal and not giving of a specific location was a hindrance but this had to be done for security reasons. We continue to work on this problem and come up with a better solution. At least there were sightings of our craft in both locations.

This wish of ours and yours that we have disclosure has been on going for some time now and we will not give up. We have the element of giving out plans and having them interfered with or not giving them out and not having the people there that really want to attend. It is a dilemma that we continue to work on. We are not sure whether to call the attempt at a face to face contact yesterday a success or not. We see it as questionable at best. The best scenario is a disclosure statement from a person of influence in a prominent position but this has not been agreed upon and carried out as yet. We have had several verbal agreements but the people involved have gone back on their word and therefore it has not happened. We continue to work on this avenue also.

We would like to speak of optical illusions. What you see before you is a growing miasma of problems that are a disruption to not only your country but to the world. Just listening to the news or reading a newspaper leads one to think things are deteriorating rapidly with riots and dissension and worse. This is not to mention the fires and weather of erratic behavior. This is part of the procedure that is necessary for correction and will lead us to the desired place that is of peace. These things have to be brought out to be seen and then changed or transmuted into other types of energy that are more positive. They cannot remain hidden for then they would not see the light of day for correction.

Therefore what you see leaves you with a negative impression when actually it is the desired result we have to have for earth and everyone to progress and get to a place that is desired and a place of promise. It is quite difficult for you to go through and may be hard for you to picture what is desired on the other side of things when all you see is disruption and disaster. Please do not give up on your prayers and meditations of the new earth. Gaia has done her part with this transition and now it is up to you to transverse this time of change in a hopeful manner and accept that this is just part of what needs to happen to get to where we need to go. There are a few big items left yet that have to be endured and experienced. We are not quite there yet.

We would like to speak now of courage. We know you have been through a lot already and you might think over the top to expect you to endure more of the same. This transition time we understand is difficult but we know also that you are standing by your belief with the understanding that this is part of the whole process and you have accomplished so much already. We cannot tell you what will happen in what order of events for that is not known to us. We can tell you that earth changes will continue and some that you have not seen yet will take place. Prepare as we have told you in past messages and know that God’s directives are in all things and will continue at His will until they have been completed. We give you His promise that the things proposed concerning a new world with peace and opportunity will be fulfilled. Continue to remain in His Light and Love and do not falter in this respect. Surround yourself with the security that you have become to know and this will carry you through.

I leave you now with this thought of promise to consider that has remained in your future. It has not changed. I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

2 thoughts on “October 18, 2020

    1. It has been recorded with us and will be available at some point in your time. As to whether it was recorded from the ground we have an affirmation that your government did take some recordings but at this time it is unknown if they were looking in the right place at the exact time of the decloaking. If so they have it on video. It is always that your government monitors certain communication with these messages and they are well aware of our attempt and others. They miss very little when our messages are written to you. Do not be concerned for there will be other attempts and there will come a time when all will see. Thank you for your question. Prosper


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