October 19, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I bring you news of the situation on earth. There have been great strides into the light and we are most pleased with your work as Light Workers. You have made this a priority and have dedicated your efforts to this need and it is paying off in big dividends. I only wish you could see the improvement or at least I could in some way show you the differences you have made. Never would we have imagined in the beginning at least that you could have propelled the collective consciousness into the advancement that you have. It was so slow at first many years ago and we labored under the thought of question on how long this would take.

Once you became acquainted with the process and the laws of energy in action under the power of your own gifted abilities you have used your love and Light working power to propel your situation into the best possible progression that you could. We now see a time line that is more in line with what you are desiring for the new earth and a place of progress and peaceful advancement without aggression, anger and poverty. It is beautiful and moves our hearts. We are impressed. I ask you to please continue to do this as each one of you makes a difference you cannot now imagine and collectively you will one day soon know what you have accomplished.

Now let us speak of splendor. No, not the sweetener but the splendor of being and living in the One. You hear a lot of talk about the One and I’m sure that somewhere along the way you had questions and wondered what that was. I attempt to explain even though it is difficult to put into words and have the full comprehension contained in those words. It is all there is. There is nothing that is not the One of all things. We and everything is from the One and is part of the One. There is nothing else. You are not on the outside even when you do not know about the One of all things. You are part of the One and forever will be. Do not be looking on the outside of yourself for wisdom and reason. That is why we keep telling you that all you need is within you and to go within. We cannot emphasize this enough that God is within. Splendor is only one word that would help to describe this state of being. There are many we could use but words are not as important as the state of being in the One itself. We do not mean for 30 minutes on a Sunday morning that you try to visit this “place” but as a breathing living entity and creation of the One that you make it your goal to reside in a conscious thought of being in the One of all things. It is difficult to describe when you are on the outside but once you find your way of thought into the fact that you already reside there on a permanent basis you will understand that you cannot be separated from that state of being no matter how hard you try. It is who you are and what you are at all times.

You can live a life and make decisions that take you mentally away from the thought of the One and live so devoid of Light that you cannot find your way in life but you cannot divide yourself from your Creator or from all that is. You are that connected. So now that you have as your goal to reside in the “all that is” on a permanent basis you can endeavor to become in a state of consciousness that connects you with the harmony and the splendor of that existence. You don’t go there, you already are there and just don’t know it.

May we speak of appreciation. Giving thanks is a harmonious vibration that is favorably contributory to your mind and your body. It is a giving state of being that brings about life giving energy to every part of your body and feeds the loving thoughts in your mind that sustain you. Do appreciate all that you have been given and if possible concentrate for a few seconds on the individual blessings and give thanks for each one by name. This act puts you in a state of vibration that is so pleasing and makes the avenues of blessings so admissible that they come flooding into your life. A sort of highway to heaven so to speak. It opens the avenues for good things to happen where as there are certain states of mind that close them off. Giving thanks and appreciating your blessings and gifts that have been afforded to you is a very worthwhile time and is so advantageous to your growth and understanding. Not only that but as with all thoughts it affects all thing around you and all living things around you. Make this part of your daily life to give thanks even though you see hardship and agony try to focus on the good things that have not only come into your life but that have come into all life on your planet. It gives great dividends and has a beneficial energy for all things creative. You cannot go wrong in any way when you appreciate all that is for all that is is under the direction of the One. There we go again with the “One”. You can’t escape it.

Now we come to a part of the lesson that is less than comforting. You are still facing an energy that we see as unrest and we don’t’ want you to give a lot of energy to this time line but we continue to ask you to pray and meditate with your Light work on changing this energy to a more peaceful understanding of how to protest without violence. All Light work that you can do is helpful and none is wasted. Light is never wasted but goes to the collective good and returns in kind. We are here to help you through these difficult times but again we come to tell you of possible unrest that could be of concern for you and others in the United States. Mainly because of the political differences you have now in your citizenry and the strong opinions of how things should be done. Please note that most people in your political arena are not what they seem. You are hard pressed to see behind the face and advertisements so that you can evaluate in an accurate manner who you would prefer to hold a position. Do not give up on this issue of who should do what to lead you. Ask to go behind the facade to see the real person in their intentions and desires for your country. Do plan for any discord over the election and take precautions. Plan ahead.

We leave you now and you notice that sometimes I say I and sometimes I say we. It is because even though I sign as one person there are quite a few behind me in these issues and desire to educate you with information. We are most always one in accord in our thoughts and we all have energy to add to this equation of education. Our love and compassion is focused on you and your reception of our words into your lives and we are interested in how you use the information we give to better your lives. So, we/I go now and leave you with these thoughts that you will process with the love that comes with them. We go now in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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