October 20, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time. We here are most anxious to continue with getting to know you on a face to face basis. We must start this procedure of our furthering our friendship and you need to see us as real friends not just someone up in your sky. We are real and have lives like you do in that we continue to learn and put our energies to advancement of our growth as you do. We are working on plans for more contact and have not given up on these plans. There have been many contacts in your past but most were before one or two people and that would take us a long time if we did it this way. Our goal is for a large crowd and the bigger the better. We have been seen in your skies much more than it should have taken for this to be in your main stream news but alas it was not happening. Please do not give up on us as we continue to arrange these meetings.

On another front of contact we are still broadening our contacts by radio and the questions and answers continue and there again is a big issue with this not being in the news. This by all other standards would be front page news. This alone should indicate to you how your news is controlled and funneled into what is desired by a few. We will continue to reach out and we do add more people to our contacts every week. There has to be a tipping point at some juncture in this course of action.

Now let us speak of holidays. You are coming upon two of your biggest holidays and both with thoughts and actions of service to others on your mind. We love to see the service acted out during these times and wish that they would last all your year long. It would not be a hardship upon you for this to happen. Try to think of it that way and get over the thought that this is just for a certain time period during your year that you feel the love toward others and wish to help them and show your good will. We encourage you to try this. It is like a blanket that you throw off after the end of the year and you store it in a closet of your mind until the next Thanksgiving and you bring it out and dust it off and use it again, with wonderful results I might add. Let us help you with this transition into your new earth. This is part of the transition that is needed and the feeling you have at Christmas with love for all is just the place you want to be all year long. It does not have to end. Are you afraid that someone else is not using their blanket of love in the new year and this means you cannot use yours? What would it hurt if a few million people continued their vibration of love to all into the beginning of the new year and continued that feeling? Think on these things.

You have been so traumatized that you are afraid to be that vulnerable. You see it as not having protection to verbal abuse from others who are not in that frame of mind. You just close yourself off so as not to be a subject of someone’s ill will that comes back into full force after January 1st. We do understand why this is so but someone has to be the first to break this “tradition” of leaving your good will and love for all others in the time of a season or holiday. It is a strange way of looking at things. You think Christ means for you to abandon the love he came to bring and explain was seasonal? Many of you are working on this and you are the ones who have brought so many with you when you ground the Light and Love into your new world. You understand but so many fall back into their old habits of protective thoughts and we try to bring some light on this subject so you can see how strange this looks to us that you would categorize and limit your wonderful examples of love for all others to only a certain part of your year. Open the door and let your Christmas feelings of love and good cheer be just as alive all year long as they are during your holiday season. It is most definitely seen, heard, felt and measured and is so strong. Do not be willing to give it up and be stored until the next holiday season. Think on these things please.

Now we would like to talk of commitment and dedication to working on your thoughts on a daily basis. You are overwhelmed with having to make a living and contend with daily activities it is easy to become lost in your hours of labor and tasks that you forget to devote time and effort to work on your learning and time spent in no thought. A time of nothingness but it is not that. It is a quiet time where your higher thoughts have a chance to come through to your waking consciousness and make an impression on you so that you continue to process the truth and incorporate it into your daily lives. So many things of truth come through to you in this way. These are given in your sleep time or on a subconscious level and make their way into your daily knowing of them when the time is most advantageous for them to do so. This is enhanced by your quiet time when these truths are tapped and come into play. Do not limit their ability by not devoting the quiet time for meditation to yourself that you need. Not all things you need to learn come to you in your waking hours by your eyes and ears. There are many contacts you make that bring you what you need and by many people who are dedicated to your advancement. Take advantage of these quiet times and just let it happen. It is the way of things. We understand your limited time for this to happen but in the order of importance this ranks very high. It should be a priority somehow.

I close now to continue meetings and planning sessions that we will come to know each other better and form a deeper relationship than we already have. We are here to serve you at this time in your transition and in your ascension. You are loved and prioritized more that you know. I go in peace and would hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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