October 21, 2020

Let us begin. It is with great joy that I speak to you this morning. We have had news that great strides are being made in your collective consciousness and we attribute this to your constant desire and action in bringing the Light to Gaia. It would be hard to overestimate the changes you have brought with your love for this service and we are most thankful for your work. You are not only bringing Light to others but your efforts bring about changes in places far off from your planet. This may be difficult for you to understand now but we can see it and this was an original desire in the beginning that this was done. There were times of doubt in our part that this could be accomplished but you have proven us false in our lack of confidence in you and shown us that once united in understanding and in action you have continued to amaze us in your dedication to this transition and road to ascension. You have done more than well and we now know that you are accomplished up to this point of action. Please continue your united efforts for they are most helpful in the progress that has been achieved. Thank you.

Now we speak of impregnating the pause and stillness that will soon happen with seeds of your future. There is a scheduled pause in things that is sort of a reversal that will start you off in the direction of creation of furthering your hopes and plans of a new world. There has been talk of a stasis and I have not used that word often and prefer to describe it as a stillness which is organized and part of the construction of new times. There are certain adjustments that have to be made during this time and this will be done by many who know what to do and when. A lot of it will be on the physicalness of your planet and has to do with clean up and re-organizing of your energy lines so that they are completely compatible with each other. Much has been manipulated to a point of being out of synchronicity with other elements and this has to be corrected before your new time starts again. We see this as an upgrade also and your move into higher vibrations allows us to more delicately fine tune some things on earth for a harmonious atmosphere and environment. Like taking your car in for a tune up. The instruments we have are quite accurate and allows us to accomplish this with no problems. What we would like to see is this time being used to plant the seeds of everything necessary for your entrance into your new world where you can build on the growth that will start small but lead to wonderful times you cannot yet imagine.

This time of starting is important in that it begins in a certain way and is an allowance of certain elements that make for all things good that you need to get to where you want to go. Certain codes and frequencies that are used for creating Gaia with the complete harmony that she also needs for change and construction of her new world. All you do now is heading for this time of beginning. Throw in these elements you have of prosperity, harmony, compassion, renewal and love for one another and you will harvest the good things of life that have been promised to you. It will happen. A time of birthing and beginning that if well tended will bring riches to your beautiful planet. It is almost here.

Now let us talk of frustration for it is going around in abundance. We see and feel you are tired and fed up with so many things that it is difficult for you to attain and remain in a mental attitude of hope and faith. Try not to let all things on the outside of you invade your center of steadfastness and security. Be well grounded in your Light and make sure you surround yourself with protection each day. Do not buy into the agitation and lashing out that is evidently there but focus on more positive things and give of your energy to them. Make available in your mind and in your life the place of harmony and cling to this as you work yourself through your day. Listen to good music, make time to laugh and always make time to love one another. This does not have to apply to just family but send love to all others like broadcasting seeds into your garden so they can grow. We have many who are already doing this and it is bringing about wondrous things that we can see. Share your gifts of love and light with all those around you. The light you possess does this automatically anyway just from you being you but when you take time to share it on a conscious level it expounds your light into beautiful waves of God’s gift and benefits more than you can imagine. It encourages others to be in a more positive state of being and this is what is needed. You affect so much change just by being here and being in the consciousness of love and light. This is one big reason you came is to affect change in this way and you have done so. We love to see this happen from our point of view and inwardly smile when this happens. Seeing another person in distress being influenced by your works and by your light makes them rise up a bit in their outlook on everything.

Now we come to obstacles in your way. We know you are still busy with Covid and dealing with your masks and trying to decide if sending your children to school is wise. We see so many looking for jobs and wondering how they will make what little money they have bring them the things they need and knowing they will have to do without so much. This is a difficult time for you and especially those of you who have children. You are more concerned about them than you are about yourselves and we feel this about you. So many things are not that necessary in your lives but there has to be food, shelter, water and security and this has been interrupted. This time will come to an end but right now you need to have the truth revealed to you about why there are those who want to use this time of possible illness as a threat to keep you under control.

There will be further attempts to bring about circumstances to force you to remain indoors and tied up with this on your mind and have you not looking behind the curtains to see who is pulling the strings. The puppets on the stage are not always the ones dictating the actions and words of the players. There are some big obstacles at present and they must be removed or at least shown to you in a truthful light so that you can make the right decisions. Do not get caught up in any protests or harm to others over your political time of choosing a President. This is a most vulnerable time where those who are unhappy may fall into the trap of lashing out in order to relieve frustration over many issues. Hurting others and destroying property is not the answer. Those of you who are Light Workers continue to give of your love into this situation and all of you try not to give any negative energy into this transition time. It will be resolved in time but it has not yet come full circle of revelations and there is much left to give to you in the way of truth.

We/I close now with the thought that we are proud of your work and you have shown us that you could and can do great things. I go in peace and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

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