October 22, 2020

Let us begin. It is with hope that I speak to you this morning. We have come a long way and much has been done in getting to where we want to go. There is much work in front of us. The opposition is hanging on by a thread but hanging on none the less and causing problems. Their dedication to making things difficult is strong and we are doing all we can to prevent a lot of their goals. There is forward movement in many directions and one is repairing the oceans. There are some that got a head start on this and are making great strides.

We had hoped by now that the relief regarding funds would have reached everyone, or at least the benefit from the distribution of the funds but again there was a delay. It seems to make several steps forward and then is delayed until they are forced to begin again. Forward is forward no matter how slow but there were times set and these were not met as agreed upon. Each time we sigh and regroup and do all we can to get the job done from our position on things. It is taking so many to get this far and we have to keep at it with the hope that I mentioned for we are getting there.

Now let us speak of arrangements being made for another face to face contact. I bring this up for these are still on the list and even a slow start is a start and this education step is closer than it was. Again we will walk among you and our plans have changed somewhat and we are not giving out plans in advance to give security to everyone and the plan itself. One day we will have full disclosure and we are working to that end no matter how many people have to work to get it done. One of the things that seems to be important is the sighting of a ship or many ships and if you will check your individual postings on this subject you will see that there have been several ships seen now at one time just recently. We have decided that more makes for a better sighting and can reach more people in the reporting of it. We chip away a little at the time.

Our plans have not changed that much over time and we still have the same goals that we had and you may be getting tired of hearing of them but until they are achieved they will remain on our list of things to do and accomplish. We are persistent in our endeavors and do not give up on our directives. Disclosure is one of them and if our preferred method of having someone in a key position make an announcement does not come about then we will have another way to give the same information to the people. Rest assured that many more people know of us now than did in the past and we are making headway on this issue. In some ways this is better because of the caution we held concerning the shock factor and how some would receive this information. So many have never really thought of this before and would not take it well. The time is here and the majority of the people need to know of the earth’s position in all of creation and how what happens on earth has meaning to other areas that exist. You are just now beginning to understand you are part of the whole and it is much better to spread good things out into all that is. Of course this is not new but has been going on concerning all things that happen here. Think of your thoughts having energy and power to change things far away for this is reality. You need to be aware of the meaning of your actions as it concerns how others react to them and not just here on earth.

Your education is still a priority for until you see and understand how the laws of creation are set up and how all is part of the One you will continue to think that what you think and do in the so called privacy of your home or your mind has no affect whatsoever on anyone or anything else and there will be no effects from them either good or bad. Think on this one concept, please. You are coming to that part of your advancement where you will see the doors have been flung open to your understanding of all things being connected and your thoughts and actions not only affect your planet but ALL OTHER SPACE. From now on you will have a different concept of energy, vibration and connection with all other things. Thoughts are not temporary things that die after being thought. They are living energy and have power just like you do. This is one reason it is so important in raising children to give them the self confidence they need in growing up. Parents have a huge responsibility and must see that their thoughts and not only their words make a difference in their child’s life. A child is very sensitive to atmosphere because they are sensing the thoughts that have been put out by their parents. There is that deep connection between parent and child. Do take this into consideration when raising a child or just being around a child.

Now we come to anticipation of all good things. We are not disregarding some things that are still in front of you that may not be easy to get through but on the other side does exist the promise that has been spoken of and planned for you. Continue to believe they are waiting for you and do pray and focus on them in your meditations and thoughts. They are real and you have a big responsibility to use them well and to improve on them. It is a state of being that has to be supported and tended and we feel this will be exactly what you will do. The intentions you have for living in a loving environment are strong and we see you doing well in the new earth. So many of you have wonderful ideas and have started planning and working on them now. There will be some large changes in store bringing about the conditions we have spoken of and all in the mind and will of the Father’s plan for earth. Your future looks bright and continues to beckon to all to live accordingly so that this will be the existence you can take advantage of. It is and has always been the choice of the individual according to free will and our messages on this have not wavered. There are still those who will not give in or give up and not only that they have dark plans to destroy all they can. We continue to encourage you to live in the Light of protection every day.

I will close now and leave you with these thoughts of your thought and behavior being powerful enough to bring about an effect on all things. Continue your prayers and meditations. I go now in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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