October 23, 2020

Let us begin. It is with glee that I come to you this morning for circumstances show that great strides are being made in the area of increased Light and higher vibrations. This is good and helps rule out the darker ones that are causing so much trouble. As the Light increases their abilities decrease somewhat or at least their ability to affect change in a negative way. We see them retreating but they are still active and trying. They do have focus and desire of great strength and if that could be turned to do good it would get a long way. So far many have not given in and given up. Your prayers and Light work in visualizing what you wish to create for your future is having great affect on all things so we encourage you now in a way that says not to start something new, for you are practiced, but to keep up what you know how to accomplish. We are quite pleased with your determination to get things done and keep things in the right direction in spite of the threats given by the dark ones. We hope that all people will remain in the Light of protection during these difficult times.

May we speak of attrition. The old ways are leaving and the new energy of higher vibrations is coming in and taking hold and giving of its energy to bring about positive change. You will notice that all that no longer serves progress into Gaia’s new world will soon disappear and be gone forever. Only that which gives of love, service and progress into the new dimension will thrive and remain. This is how evolution into a new dimension happens. That which is of the old dimension leaves or disappears and that which serves the new dimension appears and thrives. The same goes for people, animals and plant life. There are many lower vibration viruses that can only exist in the lower realms that will no longer exist in the higher ones. Only can something survive when it is fed and the means for living do not exist for many things of the 3D world. It is the way of advancement. Out with the old and in with the new.

Sometimes it is necessary to give of yourself to the process of letting go of the old. Some things are difficult to leave and one of the big ones is that of habit. It doesn’t matter what the habit is, if it does not serve you in your advancement along your growth it needs to be left behind for a better way of handling your life. Things like over eating, drinking in excess of alcohol, smoking and such like are best left or overcomed. Work on these and along with them you may think of habits such as gossiping, continuous negative statements like criticism and telling of lies. It takes work to discontinue a long held habit but these things are to be worked on and are part of your enlightenment and understanding that all things go together to make up the whole of a person. Work on these and give them of your attention. Change one by one into a more positive way of dealing with your life. Feel the energy associated with each one and learn how that negative habit holds you back. Be conscious of your words and thoughts and make sure they are positive and the energy they create is positive.

Let us bring your attention to that which is necessary for change. It is easier to go along in the same way you have always done things and that is the path of least resistance. It takes effort to recognize you are in need of change and more effort to make the changes. The longer an activity is conducted in a certain way the harder it is to change. Make small moves at first and then take control of your actions and you will see that it can be done. All things negative can be turned into something positive and you will be amazed at the freedom it will give you for learning and growth along your path. It starts with recognition of the need to change. Start with learning the word of God and His desire for your life. Read of His word and do not fall into the thinking that they don’t matter and they are of no consequence. There is a time of review and reckoning when your life is over and there most definitely will be the laying out of your actions during your life time. This is the rule and no one is exempt from it. Nothing is hidden from God and all things are recorded on your record of life. Make the necessary changes to leave the negative behavior behind with all the old and begin the new that is a life of service and love. This is one of the reasons we are here is to bring your attention to these things and to help you recognize them and change them. Call on us for help in your work for a better life.

We come to the continued work of living. No longer will you just be getting by every day and hoping you will have enough energy to make it another day. Your circumstances are about to change in a big way and there have been many statements to this affect but no details have been given. There is the big wave and some have called it a flash from Creator that will miss no one. All will be affected by this event. If we were to tell you or describe to you what will happen the words would fall short and it has been said that you should remain steadfast in your trust and faith and not give into fear. This is true. It will change the way you perceive things and is a gift and should be viewed in that way. It is something to look forward to.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. Stay in the Light and hold true to your sharing of Love with all you encounter. I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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