October 24, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I speak to you. We begin with the news that there are many Light Workers who have dedicated their lives to bringing Light to Gaia and this has tipped the scales in favor of the new earth. We speak of all the hours spent in prayer, meditation and Light work in obedience to God and to their mission agreed upon before they came here. We observe the efforts still in progress and see that this has continued to take place on a daily basis for most of you and not only that but there is so much work going on at night also.

Conditions were such that all this was needed in great quantities to overcome the drastic conditions and state of the environment that had established itself here. The dark had plans that would have eventually destroyed everything in their path and they would have moved on to another planet and continued their dark work there. As it is they are even now trying to find a way off the planet to avoid the retribution that is in store for them. They will not escape. Many are even now looking for places to hide underground to avoid capture and the possible end to their life. Our teams who are practiced for this eventuality will hunt them down and bring them to justice. It is unavoidable. God’s will prevails in all things and they will be no longer.

We would like to speak now of that retribution. There is always equal assessment of actions and nothing is hidden from Father God when this time comes. There are fair judges and payments carried out and some will be placed on planets for quite some time to think on what they have done and they will be longing for the Light to come to them. Nothing they have with them will lesson the sparseness of light and they will live in darkness without all their power available to them to bring about any comfort. The purpose is to bring them into wanting Light. It will take however long it takes for this to happen. There will be no riches or comforts for them to enjoy and only the darkness to remind them of what they brought about on earth. It must be so that they consider the quality of Light and its importance to each of us. This mental journey to the recognition of the importance is necessary for them to start the process of just what Light does and the part it plays and has in all things.

Others will have chosen to give in and will be on their way to being taught how their actions brought sadness and devastation to many and this alone will go a long way in bringing about the teaching of what they have done and how it went against all laws that were set forth for us to follow. Some will find it difficult to forgive themselves and will struggle to maintain the desire to live any longer in any state of being. There has to be checks and balances and adjudication is unavoidable. We all face these checks and balances regarding our actions and in the extreme cases where those in question refuse to give in after long opportunities to do so will choose to be no more and this is also the road they choose. It is always said to see this happen in any case.

My point is that you are responsible for all your actions and not only that but your thoughts. The idea of your thoughts not being held up to some type of rule and judgment is false and there will always be a record of your hearts feelings be they good or bad. The path of learning is clear in the respect that accountability is solid and your status, position or economic situation does not play any part in judgment. It is a sure thing. So, when this information comes to you and solidifies in your thinking it puts a new light on all that you are and all that you feel and think. Your responsibility to yourself and your future where retribution is concerned has you trying to better your life in all ways including your thoughts. Even if no one hears what you are thinking it is recorded and your long held hatred and dark thoughts toward others has meaning when reviewed and brought out into the light at the time of review upon the end of your life. These reviews are for your growth and your benefit. You choose your next step upon what you need and how that might come about. The circumstances are chosen that bring you the best opportunity for this growth and learning experience. Much consideration is given to these choices and you have help in this review and decision making process. You are all loved and given the best opportunities for advancement on your journey.

Now let us speak of the ladder of progression. Consider how far you have come. At some point you will know of your past lives and your struggles and you will see what you have learned and struggled to overcome. It will amaze you in your learning of this and you will be taught that the way ahead of you is just as open and free for you to continue to grow and learn. There are always opportunities for advancement and time isn’t really a factor for you have all the time you need to get this done. This ladder is in increments of joy and happiness and you will have teachers and guides along the way to aid you in your travels. Be at peace with this process offered to everyone and all things and it is much better to be in a state of happiness and peace during this learning. This state of being opens so many more doors for you and you not only help yourself but you help all others you come in contact with. What you do and what all others do is part of the whole and together you make your way up this ladder of learning and being and doing in the Will of the One. Each of us continues learning. It is the way of things.

I come now to a part of the education that is noteworthy as we talk of riches. You are beginning to realize just what this means and what it does not mean. So many struggle under the thought that the money makes one happy and this is just not true. Some do use their money to help others and this makes them happy but it is the love of their fellow traveler up this ladder that has them trying to help others and trying to do things that will benefit all others. The good that people do lives on and the energy from it spreads and sees good things come from it. It is the energy of love that matters and this is never destroyed. Even if you do not have a penny to spare you can do great things and spread the love that has been given to you and accomplish great things with your actions and words. You have great riches and the capability to give this to others in the form of love in action. Start thinking of riches in your strength in the ability to love one another and this will increase your worth and you will find you are indeed wealthy in the most precious way and using the love that is God given to help not only yourself but others.

I leave you now with these thoughts for you to ponder that all things have consequences from the dark deeds to the ultimate in love for one another. Be at peace with your journey up this ladder of learning and being. I go in peace now and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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