October 25, 2020

Let us begin. It is with consternation that I address you now. We have been thwarted at every turn concerning your education. I have repeatedly tried to advance the efforts of our team here into the plan we had for you but it seems there is a last ditch effort to block and cross us at every turn now. We feel it is only temporary but it is disappointing none the less. We do not see that we have done anything to warrant this opposition to anything we propose but it is there staring us in the face. We are not sure how high up this opposition goes but feel it comes from very high up and into the controllers that are hidden and not known to you at this time. There are a few who remain cloistered from public view and pull the strings. We even take a chance with our channelings and have extra security on the scribes who receive and upon those who publish our words. A most uncomfortable place to be and we hope to have this resolved with great speed.

We are used to blocks and opposition to our efforts but at this late date it was hoped that surly everyone could see the writing on the wall of truth and pack their things and give up. It is their decision but will not go well for them in the final analysis of their behavior. The final end is facing them and they retreat not. They are sticking to their vow of stopping us with all they have and this will not affect the outcome in the least for it is known. It will however delay things a bit in our education process and this was needed to continue to uncover things for you and to have you understand just what has happened in your past that brings us here to this point concerning the control they had over you.

Their control was brought bout on several fronts and they were programming, health, economy and mental issues. Not many could overcome all these and most who did were not in the main stream of life but lived far from the big cities and conducted their lives away from TV, medicine and advanced society. They kept to their colonies and friends and their way of life and this helped to secure them from the influences that would imprison them into the road of servitude that was desired. It was not and is not possible to remove yourself from these influences without being touched by one or more of the dark efforts to enslave you. You were hit from many sources of control.

We were hoping not to have to wait them out for they will be rooted out to the last one and this takes up time. We were hoping for our efforts to be overwhelming such that they would know any other action on their part would be hopeless and a waste of their time. You will not be enslaved for their use and by God’s own declaration and directives this planet will be given to the desires of the One in its use and design by its Creator. There will be no deviation. I inform you of the current events to let you know that there is still opposition and there are efforts to do anything that prevents forward movement on our part. They do not know they can not possibly stop all our movements. We are too many and they are dwindling to a few. Most of our plans continue and the dark are being hunted, found arrested or escorted to their awaiting judgment. They have failed but do not seem to have the intelligence to understand this concept as yet. Only a fool would see this and try to continue when it would only lead to their destruction and I mean total annihilation. Sad but true. They are lost in their own darkness unable to even have the desire to live. A twisted mind to be sure and that is the road they have taken. Who would have thought we would be up against such demented thoughts as they have exhibited to the point of their own destruction.

Now for something hopeful. They will soon be an afterthought for all will be consumed with the new energies coming to earth and this continues our plans for you making great advances in all aspects of your life. Imagine great strides in every avenue that you have in front of you including health, economy, education, child care and possibilities for growth and improvement. It is happening as we speak and this cannot be stopped. We would just like for it to have started earlier. Your efforts have paid big dividends for everyone and the design to bring Gaia back to her intended status of the beautiful and healthy planet are in front of us. Even now there are many who see the need and have not waited to start working toward clean air, clean water and other environmental challenges. There is also a big effort to work on the plant and animal improvements that are greatly needed.

We see the way clear for all who want to begin their work in these areas and if not then there will be a way shortly for you to put your intentions and efforts with others into the improvements that are greatly needed. The desire is definitely there on your part and there will be others who will join in shortly.

I leave you now with only a small delay in things and also the view of a brighter tomorrow and future that is not hampered by anything that would give you any delays. I go in peace now and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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