October 26, 2020

Let us begin. It is with hope that I come to you this morning in your time. We see that many of the attempts to destroy anything they can are dissolved or prevented by our efforts and this has a lot to do with the Light that can be increased at the point of the destroying inception. They have yet to realize how powerful Light really is compared to their desires of dark and pernicious energies. We are getting better at keeping them from their work and they are becoming weaker. They do not like the reality of things and are panicked. We have given them every opportunity to change and many did but these are the ones that remain and they are determined. What fuels this determination can be different reasons but all of them do not have the Light to give them the sight they need to see what is happening. They will not succeed in the end and are frantically spinning their wheels to get nowhere. It is not the number of forces we have but the strength of the creative power of the One and the Light that is created and channeled to the dark that prevents them from succeeding. Yet they continue but again, so do we.

Now let us speak of suppression and its ability to change the total atmosphere of understanding and learning of truth. For so many years now you have been under the blanket of suppression and it has been quite effective to stifle your desire to seek the truth behind the smoke screen of control. You did not wake up long ago and look behind the reasons for many of the attempts to make worker bees out of all of you. Such a successful plan was this one to feed you bad food and bad information that it went on for years and not many woke up to what was going on at the time.

Now things are different. You have given our words a chance and when examined you determined it was time to seek the reasons behind what you were being told and you did not like the answers you were getting. They did not make sense with what you were being told. You began to see the control of the monetary system and how you are slave labor for taxes, which by the way do not go where you were told. You are also now still locked into the medical system and as sad as it is the doctors and health workers are just as much at a loss with all the rules and paperwork as you are as a patient. How can you break free of this strong system in place and come to know the healing power of what is available for you. This is a big area where we have focused our truth for you and much can be done to bring about the healing you seek and need. First there are some big changes that have to be made and breaking free will take some effort on your part. There is a way and with our help you can achieve the freedom of choice you need to strike out into freedom where your health care is concerned. We are here to give you the information you need. This is why we have this big push for revealing ourselves and for contact. We need this bridge that will make this possible on a large scale.

Our attempts to bring about disclosure have not materialized as yet and that bridge is not in place but we keep trying and one day it will happen. Right now everyone is consumed with your election and with the virus. We need a view of things that will take you from the immediate into your future where better options await if they are given a chance. Do not get caught up in the now so much that you fail to plan for your future where we are concerned. We hold so many things and so much information that will catapult you into a better way of living than you can imagine and you cannot make a way for us to do this transfer of information and education if you do not at least give it some time for thought and opportunity. Do not give up on disclosure from someone and from somewhere. We certainly have not.

As important as your election is it is also important that you remain focused on the interplanetary friendships that need to be developed and nurtured so that you can not only grow in leaps and bounds but become a part of the interstellar community and have a say in what goes on. At some point you will have a say and a vote and this will be new for you to consider. This is of paramount importance so do not give up your focus on these things. It will only delay your happiness and joy in the new earth dynamic which includes so many positive things for you.

We come to a part of information which can be viewed as both positive and negative and that is your biology and DNA. The strands of DNA are slowly being re-connected and this brings about putting into play more of your ability to sense things which have been blocked off. You were once aware of so much more but through devious plots you were “dumbed down” in this respect and think your 5 senses is all you are supposed to have. This is not so and was not so in the past. These strands are now being reconnected and abilities you once had are returning. At first this will cause confusion and you may not know how to take it all in. It is a natural ability and will give you so much more information once you get over the shock and will become second nature to you. Please try to put this in perspective and see it as a gift of recovery and purposefully try to learn how to use these new abilities without fear or apprehension. We are here to help you with this part of your freedom and growth. It is something that has been a long time in coming back to you. We will speak more on this as time goes by and you have more of an idea of what we are talking about. It will be disconcerting at first when other information of strange people and places come into your perception but it will soon be put into order and you will learn how to control this information.

We like what we are seeing with your Light work and ask that you continue your efforts for they are giving you the new world you desire. You are responsible for the increased Light for so many others. I leave you now with these thoughts to ponder and consider. I go in peace and hope that you will also. Peace is still uppermost in our minds now that your election is nearing. Again do not involve yourself in any association of places that would promote violence of any kind and surround yourselves with the Light of protection.

I am Prosper

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