October 27, 2020

Let us begin. I am happy with what has been done to stem the actions of the dark at this time. They have been countered regarding their actions and are abated. Let us not forget their capability and desire to do harm at every turn. We are still having to contend with them and cannot let our guard down. We see their active desires to destroy all they can and this has not changed. Their intent is alive and well and they continue to use their energies to contrive disruptions and harm wherever they are allowed. We have our forces at large on call at this time to respond to their intent in most cases and their plans do not develop. There are occasions where their intent develops and our forces have to deal with the plans that are carried out and sometimes the dark succeeds. We had rather stop them before they begin.

Our forces are keenly trained and most have many years of experience in dealing with all types of discord and intent from many types of life on this planet and others. They have weapons and aids of detection that you cannot imagine but are fighting cunning and expert opponents at times and their challenge is great. Many lives of our teams have been lost as they devote their time and talents to protecting life of all kinds and property. Their lives are quite consumed with this work and it is a big sacrifice on their part to devote this much of their attention to this type of work. Many are from other planets and travel to different places of discord wherever needed. It is work that comes at a high price both in learning, in training and in actual protection and also the taking out of the enemy no matter in what form they may take. They have to be prepared for all types of aggression that is against the laws of God. Taking of a life is serious and is monitored by an oversight committee and there has to be special approval before this can happen. It is not done with a big stoke or a blanket issue. There is care and identification involved when encountering aggressive and revolution type behavior. This is when we call in our troops and they have worked on a non stop basis on your earth for some time now. You are just not aware of them. Their life is a very different type of life. They have a deep sense of the importance of life and yet they dedicate their lives to protect even to the point of taking life to protect the masses. Such a dichotomy and a delicate balance of mental training and actions. They seek no appreciation and for the most part people are unaware of them and their movements and talents are never known. We, here give thanks for their work at every turn and know of their successes. We are offering this information so that you will know of it also and may want to give thanks also for their work.

Now let us speak of tremors. There are two types of tremors. One is in your earth where the ground shakes and tectonic plates shift and shudder. The other is in your daily lives where the prevailing vibrations give in some sort of shift and fluctuations or equalization. You are enduring both types at this time. The earth is equalizing its pressures in different places as it has to do from time to time and your vibrations are shifting during this time of advancement and recalculating of incoming energies. This is causing many changes in your perception of these changing energies and your mind does not quite know how to take these changes. Your bodies are also taking in changes on a big scale and they are not all coming from your earth but many energies are coming from off planet.

These changes are increasing and what once was a possible mild perception of these are now a growing well perceived feeling of changes from all directions. You are being bombarded by change on all fronts. This is part of the ascension process and cannot be avoided. This is why ascension with such a large group is seldom done and also ascension with a planet ascension is seldom done. It is a difficult procedure coordinating everything with all the big changes coming for everyone at the same time. Usually ascension is done on an individual basis whenever that person has achieved a certain level and it is a natural process. Even though this is a natural process it is a big deal involving everyone at the same time. We are aware of all the comments of things feeling funny or different or the energies being disturbed or agitated. Try to be at peace as much as possible with the fluctuating energies during this process. We are here to give you relief from extreme discord, if any, you are having to contend with and do not hesitate to call upon us if these become intolerable. We can mitigate some of the symptoms. The incoming frequencies will remain and continue to come mostly in waves and you will still be adjusting to them for some time now. Your bodies are changing tremendously from 3D adaptive bodies to higher dimension adaptive bodies and they are bringing in a lot of light to all parts of your being. This involves big changes and most of you are very aware of them.

Unfortunately those who are not closely attuned to higher thoughts and ways of life find these changes most disturbing and they are unable to maintain balance and strike out in less than desirable behavior and thought patterns. This is when addictive behavior is on the increase and many tend to try and cover up these feelings of agitation they are feeling. If you will do all possible to remain in the Light and in tune with living in the council of the One you will have very little problem with increasing higher vibrations and will make this transition in a much better position to enjoy the peace and tranquility that they bring. This is not only a transition period but a living in the new energies time and they will not go away. Only the lower frequencies which are no longer helpful to your growth will pass away from your life and you will become adaptive to the higher vibrations and dimensions. What I am saying is try to get used to them for they will be around until you advance out of them into even higher vibrations and dimensions. Therefore it is to your advantage to accommodate them and befriend them if at all possible for this will diminish your discomfort tremendously. Easier said than done you say. Maybe so but your reality none the less. Make it as easy on yourself as you can and this involves food, water and thoughts. You, by now, know the drill. The instructions are nothing new. It is the way of ascension and we are here to help but most of this process is up to you.

Now let us talk of appreciation for all blessings of life. We cannot place too much importance on the grateful heart. We have spoken of this before and this is just a reminder to take time to reorient your daily habit of becoming thankful in your heart on a continuous basis for this is one way to Teflon the road for your getting through life. Yes, it does make that much difference. Life, the gift that it is, is precious in all ways and is to be respected and cherished. What do you do or receive that is not a gift from God? All things are gifts whether perceived that way or not. Learning is not easy. If it were we would all be in your so called heaven in a light form in the presence of the One. Try to give thanks in all things.

I leave you now with these things to think on and ponder. I go in peace now and hope your focus and brain cells are working on the information that has been given. Be at peace also.

I am Prosper

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