October 28, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time. We here see that progress is being made and I ponder your reaction to that which comes. Progress is good but that which comes may not be seen as getting us where we need to go. We see much protest over the election and hope that the aftermath will not be violent. It is on your horizon and please do not give up on bringing as much Light into this now of your time as you possibly can. It is not just the election but is also a time of bringing forth the underbelly of beliefs and actions that need to be seen and transmuted into more positive energy for use in the universe. There is no escaping this part of the transition into ascension. There may be rough times for you to go through and hopefully you are prepared. Not only with food and water but mentally prepared. Stay alert and continue to pray and meditate on the things that keep you grounded and in the stability and faithful attitude of the One. We here see a tremendously big change coming for you in all of this the end of which will be what has been promised.

We now speak of glory in God’s goodness. We have talked of the grateful heart and its importance in your life. There is always a payoff to your actions be they good or bad. The result may or may not be seen or known to you but the effects of your actions and thoughts will follow. This is the glory of God’s goodness when you stand in your goodness and produce service to others your payoff will bring to you the glory of return, which is God’s law. Do not ponder what riches you will receive from your actions for it is automatic and part of the science of creation. Do good deeds and they will return to you in like kind. Of course the opposite is true also about bad deeds. You never have to worry about them forgetting to return to you. It is somewhat like a magnet that brings about good things. When you cast your thoughts upon the water of the universal pond the ripples not only affect everyone else but return to you in back ripples but do not lose energy in their travels. God does have mercy in his actions and his love for you is so evident in nature and all of his creation. This also is the glory of God. It is evident in all things. Do not fail to recognize His glory in creation and let this fully become known to you when you see His wonders of earth and heaven. The magnificence of his children alone in their glorious state of being is so supreme in the architecture and design. Do not let this pass you by in your daily thanksgiving.

We would like to tell you about yourselves. It is that we do know about you more that you know yourselves in most cases. We have access to so much more than you do and we can read so much about you without ever cracking a book of your information. Your color or aura tells much and this is associated with your vibration, which is unique to only you. Then there is your record of existence which is kept for review and there are few that have access to this information. Now that this has been explained we know that you do not take advantage of all that is offered to you from God, from us and from the Universe. Very few of you cast your wants upon the universe for fulfillment of dreams and needs. So many do not receive the love that is available to you and it is there for your recognition and acceptance. Yes, your mind tells you that you are loved and your needs will be met but in your heart you skim over this abundance of good things and do not fully drink from the well of goodness. This is yours to receive and grow with throughout your soul experience. It is for all and not just a few.

You might ask how you do this receiving of love and riches of life. First you must know that it is readily available to you and then open the door to that possibility that this statement is true. What a treasure in your own grasp and in your own heart and you have not skimmed the top of the riches off of what is yours. See yourself acknowledging this love and gift is yours. Own it and make way to receive in your mind. Expect the love of God to reside in your mind because it already resides in your heart. Let the light shine on it and see it spreading throughout your body and watch the love take hold and grow for you. See the way clear for this source to be yours and cherish it and respect it for it is boundless. When you find yourself upset or angry or in sorrow turn back to the love of God and open that door again to this abundance and let it wash over you in your trials and settle your mind and see how it can comfort you in all ways. I tell you as yet you do not fully realize how powerful and meaningful this love is and words do not exist in your vocabulary to give you the import of this powerful gift. It is for the taking. Do not deprive yourself from the receiving of it.

Now we see that things are on your horizon, first the upturned basket so to speak and then a period of adjustment which might be an understatement, and then the transition further into the new. We advise you to be steadfast in your faith and knowledge of what is to come. Keep yourself in the Light and know this openness of bad things revealed is part of the transition and has to be seen in the Light.

I leave you now in peace and ask that you think on these things. There may be a time when peace is fleeting for you but always return to the Light and the One. You are loved in all things and in all ways.

I am Prosper

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