October 29, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We here see that things are escalating in your United States and we are joyful that those Light Workers are still bringing Light into this country and trying to mitigate any negative energies that arise. We are hopeful that these actions will indeed bring a measure of peace to all involved in interaction with others. There is a lot of negativity at present begin generated and it continues to escalate. We advise you to stay out of crowds and especially during the voting time periods. Do your best not to be part of any agitation or violent behavior.

Now we speak of splendor again and show you that the attitude and state of being you desire is attainable with work on your part. It does not come automatically and it takes practice to head off any thoughts of a negative nature. Train yourself in your private thoughts not to put yourself down and not to add to any negative mind talk or critical assessment of others. They will be having their own problems and challenges to overcome without your negative thoughts added to their own. If possible let the splendor of the creative Light and Love be your tools to create and grow this attitude of service to others in your mind and heart. You still do not understand how powerful you are and how much you can change things both negatively and positively. You are powerful beings because you contain the power of God which was given to you hopefully to use for a good cause. It is splendifferous. I use this word to get your attention and to draw it to the process of taking the gifts that God gives to you and using them in a magnificent way to better the world you live in. This is the plan, so simple in theory and for some reason it has been difficult for you to pull off. Many of you have the process down and have contributed in huge ways sharing this Love and Light with others and I wish there was some way you could see this on a machine that would record it and give you some numbers so you could see the importance of just how much good one life can do. Open your eyes to this thought that one person can change the world and some times it does not stop there. You underestimate yourselves and I am here to draw your attention to this fact.

Now how do you open up to the possibilities of what you can do with this power you have been given? Your state of mind should be at peace whenever possible. Meditate as much as possible to bring about this peace with all things within you and then spread it around. You do this anyway but when you are actively conscious of the process it magnifies the intent and the peace to all other things around you. You are growing into the realities of your abilities. I am trying to get you to open the power chest of your abilities and you will find that your power tools are much bigger than the size of the chest. The degree to which they can expand is limitless. Remember the saying in the Bible about moving mountains? It is true One of the big hurdles Christ had and one that I have is just to get you to consider this fact. It is a first step and most are tripping over it.

We see that you are growing and this sometimes takes longer than you would like. You want the abilities to do things without having done all the things required and time spent in practice to make you that adept. We here did not automatically have the abilities we do today. We had to take one day at a time and apply ourselves in the study and practice. It has taken us years of time and we are well acquainted with mistakes. Consider our words and see the goals set out before you. Be agreeable to put in the time and work necessary for great things. First consider that it can be done and this has been set out before you to attain and is a gift from God. Not many things in life are automatic like your appliances in your kitchens. We are not machines and the process in achieving contains the joy and happiness along with laughter if you let yourself respect the journey as much as contemplation of the destination. You are never alone in your travels and in your learning. Do not demand discipline of learning so much that you forget to enjoy the trip. You will miss all the scenery and that is a waste for it is placed there just for you. Another of God’s gifts to you in His splendor.

Now I/we give you these things to consider and contemplate. It is for your understanding and growth that we place these concepts before you. You are loved more than you know. I go now in peace and hope that you will go in safety and peace also.

I am Prosper

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