October 30, 2020

Let us begin. It is with consternation that I come to you this morning and speak of plans that do not materialize in your reality. We are behind in your education and I am not pleased with this delay. You should be on your way now to some of the more complicated precepts in your foundation for learning. There is a possible complication in answering of questions at random for sequence is most important in delivering of truth and one concept builds upon another and especially in a time line. This brings about an erroneous platform when delivering truth out of place in education. It takes longer to put things together this way and that is the reason I have given more of a generalized lesson plan up to now. I am very tempted to go ahead and start at the beginning with the education part and have you begin to build that foundation. I had hoped it would be on a much larger audience but that is not happening.

It will not hurt if you hear the information twice in the beginning and that is recommended anyway so let us begin to go ahead and start on our lessons from the beginning if you will devote yourselves to taking in these educational precepts in earnest and we will use our means to see if you are understanding them so that we can proceed. I look forward to doing this and is my specialty and if I need further information from outside my specialty I will call in someone who does specialize in that subject so that you will receive always the very best of an education and truth.

Let us start with the beginning. Your earth was created a very long time ago and much longer that your archaeologist believe. There are things that have not been uncovered yet that will be and it will give you a much better understanding of just how old Gaia is. It was created with thought and Light and intent by your universal master through Creator and it was in a different state of being. It took many years in your time for earth to evolve into the physical state she is in now. There is a procedure of ripening or becoming that takes place and the elements evolve or become by a series of processes. A process that is set into place by only a creator that knows how to do this and your planets were all created and started this way and came into being what they are now. As you can imagine it takes skill to know how to take the raw materials of creational elements in space and use your intent and creative Light to form the concepts of physical matter that will take shape and form later by their processes that were set into motion in a certain way to bring about the end result. Not just everyone can do this through Creator Source and only those who have been around more time than you can imagine and who are practiced in certain experiences and learning. They have achieved their status by putting in the time and study of things to get where they are. This was your earth’s beginning.

Once evolved there was certain life placed upon earth and this continued with time and this was different forms of life such as the elementals, plants and animals. Each planet is prescribed in a certain way and is limited to a specific number of elements. As the planet evolves into a higher vibration or dimension the elements increase in number and therefore gives you more to work with as your intelligence also increases to use them. In the beginning the plan was for Gaia to be a special planet for certain flagship events to take place that would influence and effect other planets and areas. It was a beautiful plan and is placed in a very convenient place for traveling from universe to universe through time portals strategically placed through creation. It was prime real estate and was a jewel in all eyes.

Unfortunately as time went on and certain civilizations evolved in all goodness there were also visitors who found that earth’s elements were beneficial to them and they laid claim to the property as such and saw earth only through the eyes of service to self entities and laid out plans only to possess and take from earth what they wanted without thought of laws or any regard for her well being. Conflict began and many taking of lives over the earth began. This was how your earth began. Now I am leaving out a lot of information here about civilizations existing and going away for various reasons and this is all interesting information but I would like to skip some go get to your now so we can deal with what we have in challenges at this time. Many people here now are from somewhere else and for many reasons. You are dealing with those who were brought here long ago and stayed and some who were here to possess as I have stated and some who have volunteered to come at this time in your transition to affect change.

Things most assuredly got out of hand with the concept of ownership and we find ourselves in the situation we have now. One of the problems I am having in presenting this to you is that my scribe does not have the background for me to fully present the concept of some detailed information to set forth at this time and they are somewhat limited. I will endeavor to resolve this limitation so that all pertinent things can be brought in front of you. Setting down this information in this manner is also a detailed concept of transfer of information and certain information is needed for the understanding of flow of words concerning your past history. Difficult to explain but this is in the planning and will be done in due time. We set forth on this beginning and the plans continue for an all out education in all ways of the information you need.

Now as you can see this is going to become quite involved in concept and your attention will be fully needed for the understanding. This is a preview so to speak and the lesson plan is fully designed just for you. We continue with our contacts of the radio receivers and they continue with their questions and we have sort of settled in our numbers for everyone does not want to communicate with what is perceived as someone from outer space. Our number of contacts seems to have remained somewhat the same recently. That is another reason I wanted this to lead onto an announcement of some sort or revelation of our existence from a person in a high position bringing about disclosure. We are up against some other things that are high on your list of attention getters at this time and our agenda has been pushed down the list somewhat and is certainly not paramount on your minds as you have other things of importance taking place.

I will come to a close now and ask you to consider my words and hope that you look forward to further information custom designed just for your circumstances here on earth and what you are facing and why. I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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