October 31, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you and tell you of advances made. We observe the results of your hard work with bringing more light into your reality and it is really needed at this time. There is much to overcome with the last push of the dark who are on their way out and they know this. None the less they are trying to cause as many problems as they can and to the extent that they can. They are mobile now in their efforts and travel from place to place stirring up trouble, including anger, violence and rage to the point of bodily harm for some. This is deplorable and I am hoping that the cities involved are well equipped to handle this type of group activity. Your efforts to bring in more light should include surrounding yourself in this light for your protection each day.

Now let us speak of performance. This does not mean a false front you put on but the earnest desire to perform your mental state in the service of God and help to others. It is not like your cars which only have one way of performing whereas you can alter everything about your actions in all ways to improve and become more than you think you can do because you have the strength and power of God’s energy to draw from and use. Do not limit yourself with your beliefs that you are only human and therefore can only do so much. Open your thoughts to seeing that it is not just you doing things. It is the love and light coming through that brings about the array of possibilities for service to the world. Think bigger and do not put fences up to confine your achievements. You are being bombarded at every turn with the lock down and limitation speech and thoughts on your TV and news. Do not buy into this idea with not being able to continue your deeds of kindness and assistance to others. Even if you are sitting at home this does not mean you cannot be of help and service to others with your channeling of love and light. This is a great opportunity to help without muscles and to use the practices of your mind to perform deeds of increasing benefits to all you focus on. Don’t let this time set you back in your service to not only others but to Gaia and all her life forms living here. It is not only people who need help.

So much is being manipulated in your reality and it is difficult to tell what is real and what has been manipulated or interfered with. Certain elements of your weather are created to make things worse and this does not happen all the time but those of dark intentions pick the best opportunities for their interference to do the most damage where your weather is concerned. It is true that things are out of balance and the energies have to be liberated and balanced again for the right vibrations to return to what needs to exist. It is also true that the technology is being used by several factions in difference countries to turn what is difficult in the weather to something increased and more intense. You can use your means of light to ask for security and safety in all things regarding your health and your life and your safety.

It is with delight that we see you standing your ground against those who would like for you to cower and retreat into your homes and become captured by their means of pushing you back. We do not recommend that you riot or unduly protest with anger vigorous aggression but do remember the freedoms and cherish them and do not let them be taken from you. There are many questions now as to where the line should be between being prudent with health issues and where the demands being made upon you cross over that line into control into a negative force leading to incarceration. Where and when do you step up and say this is enough of taking our freedom away from us. Also what is the truth about Covid and are we being given the real data and why is there so much controversy over what should be done.

Taking care of one’s health is necessary for the circumstance you are in now and each of you need to be observant of the information that continues to come out concerning this virus and do not hesitate to research for yourselves what is given for you to consider. Make up your own minds about what to do and we advise you to offer your thoughts in a peaceful way to affect change that you want and do not fall into any aggressive actions of violence against others. Take charge of the care of your own family and do what you are led to do with the information you have. Do not let others make critical decisions for you and do not let yourselves be bullied into becoming yes people no matter what is said or suggested. Soon more truth will be offered and will come out concerning this virus.

Our information concerning the creation of your planet was received well and we see our way clear to continue with other information. We have mentioned a long term plan by those who would use you for their benefit and we do mean long term plan. It is so much easier to bring about what you want if you implement changes a little at the time and this is what has happened to you as the worker bees. You have slowly been backed into a corner by years of increased obligations to your government in the way of taxes. You have slowly been backed into a corner regarding your increased lack of life giving food and restricted by regulations regarding your health care. Mental programming has taken place starting within your schools and children have grown up thinking this is the only way to live. It has been such an insidious goal to turn the world into a dictatorship one step at a time with those few at the top giving the orders and lining their pockets with what they think will make them happy. To change this is causing this upheaval you are seeing now and it has to play its way out to oust these people out of their positions and out of your lives for good. It has not been easy in any way to get this far and we have a ways to go yet so buckle up and keep your mind in your faith and trust that you are fully capable of being protected and remaining calm through out all the discord. Do not give in to fear for it will not serve you.

I go now and leave you with these ideas to consider. I go in peace and hope that this peace will remain with you in all things.

I am Prosper

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