November 1, 2020

Let us begin. It is with glee that I come to you this morning. We have reached another milestone in our advancement and our probings into the collective consciousness tell us that you are indeed advancing in your acceptance of us and also on your path. We take these very seriously and give thanks for your work and are happy for you on your path. Earth has been difficult to council and help, especially at first but you have turned that corner awhile back where enough of you had your eyes open to the help that was offered and not only that you worked to get where you are today. It is most gratifying for us for in a way we feel you are our students and we take satisfaction in our efforts to bring you that which you need.

Now let us speak of your current events. We are also taking readings quite often now concerning the prevailing energies world wide and we have been keeping a close eye on them of late and and are still concerned that negativity is mounting for being put into play. This is not only in your country. In other places there is a protest against another lock down regarding the Covid virus and people are unwilling to be sent to their homes again and kept there. You here in the US have have another source of agitation and that is one of a political nature. Then there are countries who are dealing with certain factions of another religion who are trying to over throw the entire government. There is plenty of unrest world wide and there is an element that is necessary to bring out the true nature of desire for change but we are concerned about the destructive and harmful portion that erupts in an uncontrolled manner with possible destruction and harm to life.

It is evident that plans have been made for destruction in your country and these do not come from a true desire to bring everyone toward a more harmonious way of living. That is not their end goal. Their reason is to disrupt and destroy everything that you hold dear in your life. To take down as much as they can before they are stopped in their tracks, for they will continue until this time comes. When they promote their desired feelings they deceive others into joining them and outright lie in their purpose and somehow put forth the concept that this is righteous and needed to get the attention they are seeking and therefore others end up thinking this is the right thing to do. A manipulation of the mind brought about by lies. Some do not realize that this is not the way to proceed in changing the way things are conducted. The right ways are bypassed feeling they have not produced the changes before that were wanted so more serious measures are attempted. A follow the leader approach. A few good people set out with good intentions for change and end up associating with undesirable troublemakers. The end is not good.

We are thankful there are those who are faithful in their bringing of Light for this purpose and the dawning of the Light into its fulfillment is upon us now but first we bring forth the underside of the dark intent so that it can be seen out in the open and come in contact with the Light. There are still so many of you that do not have a clue as to what is happening now and what has been going on for many years. The opportunities for learning and asking questions about what is really happening have passed them by and all of this and the reasons behind it will be a shock to them and they will be in a sense of fear. They will wonder if the law enforcement which has been so heavily criticized will be enough to protect them and many will not want to leave their homes.

Many of you reading here will know the violence will end and a brighter environment will come about and also that fear takes away your ability to think clearly. Continue your meditations and surrounding yourselves with protective Light and Love from Source. It is your right to ask for this and will be given to you. Take precautions during this volatile time of acting out during your election and do not take chances, especially if things are threatening in your city or neighborhood. We have no desire to frighten you with this information but every desire to protect you and see that you protect yourselves. We cannot give you an exact approximation of what will happen where but we do see the energies promulgating into a violence and at this time the intent is strong. This can change but as of now it is there.

Let of speak of destinations. We have been talking in the now terms and would like to speak of your future. It also has energy and peace is forthcoming and is solid in its intent to prevail. More so in that it has the promise of Creator and will be given. It is gratifying for us to know just how things will be for you and we wish we could show you a glimpse of what is to come so that you would have a better understanding of just how wonderful it will be. As of now it is a concept in your imagination that is pleasing to you but you do not know the full meaning of the promise given. We understand it will have been a long time in coming and you have certainly been through a lot in your travels to getting there but it is real never the less and is in store for your future. Earth, Gaia, will come forth in all her energy and she is looking forward to all the help she will be given from those whose desire it is for improvements and corrections. To be restored is a beautiful thing and she will thrive and be even more beautiful than you are seeing now.

We have spoken before of living in that time of your future in a world of peace and service to others and thriving in an atmosphere of freedom and Light. It is really going to happen for you. First we have to get into revealing the truth that has been hidden for so long and this will be a difficult time for so many. Please have patience with them in their trying to understand and accept just how bad things have gotten and just what horrible deeds have been perpetrated upon others. There will come a time of realizing that forgiving is an option and is on the table. An option unthinkable by some and hopefully this will come about when all things are known. That is the education part and our desire to get this started still prevails as strongly as ever. Our efforts are going strong and the energy from Source will bring about many changes in your thought processes with love and understanding and this will make a huge change in everything. We look forward to this time for you.

I go now and leave you with these thoughts. Please do keep your eyes open and be aware of what is happening in all respects. I go in peace and hope you would hold dear to this peace in all ways.

I am Prosper

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